This is how i made the arm gauntlets for my Boba Fett Starwars halloween costume. The professional ones run about $300 and since i had more time than i did money...i made my own. I did not document the building process, which took about a week but I will show you the different parts of construction of the gauntlets that may help someone else with their project.

Step 1: Right arm gauntlet

Picture of Right arm gauntlet
Since there was not a a lot of information about making Boba Fett gauntlets, I was left to figure it out for myself... To start both gauntlets i needed something round to go over my forearms, so i went shopping at wal-mart and found tombstone flower vases...yes, the vases that sit on tombstones in the cemetery. I cut out the bottoms and pulled out all the styrofoam in them. Next i used a small bow saw and cut down the middle so they would expand over my hand when putting them on.
Who won the costume contest?
logic bomb (author)  HalloweenJuNkY6 years ago
Gene ofcourse...
this was very helpful tyvm but...whys your under shirt camo? haha
logic bomb (author)  Foghat Leghorn6 years ago
LOL! not wearing one....
why is he with gene?
logic bomb (author)  ring wraith1596 years ago
Cuz gene rocks!
Builder 076 years ago
This has been very helpful. I'm being Jango Fett for halloween so I'm building your gauntlets but painting them differently. I was wondering where you got those L.E.D. stick lights?
logic bomb (author)  Builder 076 years ago
I bought the LED sticks at walgreens at the local "Party Supply Store".
wilcurt6 years ago
slimguy3796 years ago
thanks guy, im a member on thedentedhelmet.com and can rarely find a "cheapskates" gauntlets... good idea with the pen/missile idea. i have been trying to build my suite for a few weeks now and this is on of the last things i had to build thanks again...
logic bomb (author)  slimguy3796 years ago
cheap is my middle name
lol logic cheap bomb
finally some thing to add to my costume (to bad not in time 4 halloween)
logic bomb (author)  starwarsfanatic956 years ago
always next year...
timmah7676 years ago
I love the work you did, I really wanna make a Boba Fett costume for next year! BTW: Am I nutz or in that picture of you onstage with all the other costume contestants, the woman in French Noble costume (just barely visible in the foreground), can you totally see her nipple sticking out of the top of her dress, cuz I can :)
logic bomb (author)  timmah7676 years ago
that a dude dressed as a victorian woman outfit...those guys got 2nd place.