Introduction: How to Make Subway Style Sandwich

Have you ever wanted to have a Subway without having to go to the restaurant?  Well, now you can with this awesome inscrutable!!!!!!!

Step 1: Get Ingredients

Step 2: Cut the Sub Rolls Lengthwise

Step 3: Cut Up Vegetables

Step 4: Pour on Salad Dressing

Step 5: Layer Cut Up Vegetables

Step 6: Add Lunchmeat and Cheese

Step 7: Close Sandwich

Step 8: Cut Sandwich


pinkpanther made it!(author)2010-12-11

What is salad dressing?? Any substitutes for it??

Lokisgodhi made it!(author)2010-08-22

It's easy to make a subway style sandwich. Just put too little meat and cheese on it.

Mister_Caipirinha made it!(author)2010-06-16

To make it more like a commercial sub, chop your lettuce into thin slivers.

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