How to Make Sumac-ade (Staghorn Sumac Tea)





Introduction: How to Make Sumac-ade (Staghorn Sumac Tea)

Staghorn Sumac is in bloom all over the U.S. right now, so why not make some Dee-licious tart Sumac-ade?  Here is a pretty goofy video I threw together that shows you how.

Sumac is used in Persian cuisine, but it also makes a great lemony cold drink! We make it all the time in the summer. Be careful not to pick the sumac heads after a heavy rain, because it will wash a lot of the flavor away.

Ad-libbing and choreography at the end by the the amazing Wildgirl....



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    When should I pick the flowers or berries ? Summer's end ? During Summer, Spring ? For best flavor. I use the stems, trunks and branches for flutes, pipes and arrow shafts. I was a Native American in a former life !

    Sorry for the slow response! You need to get the heads in mid-summer, when they are red and sticky. Rain will wash away the flavor, so don't pick it after a heavy rain...

    BTW- you can also use the Sumac to add an interesting flavor to kombucha.....

    I noticed that the flowers look considerably browner when you put them in the pot as from when you cut them off. Do they naturally fade like that or did you dry them out or were those older flower cuttings?

    It may be the crummy CFL lighting in the kitchen- or maybe the red table threw off the color balance? Not the best video production. Sorry about that! I hope the next one will be better!

    Those were the same heads, just carried them in the house and shot the prep about 20 min. after they were cut...

    I started making this last Summer for the first time--it is delicious.