hello! today im going to show you how to make a home made tattoo gun

Step 1: Tools and Materials You Need


1) scissors/knife
2) screwdriver
3) pliers


1) Sticky tape
2) The ink tube from the pen
3) A pen
4) Piece of wire
5) Piece of bent metal
6) Ball pump
7) Screw
8) Needle
9) Button
10) Glue
11) Electric motor
can u use it on people after u take the ink out
where do  the battery's go 
wat about the battrys where do they go <br>
Any Tattoo Artist worth their salt does NOT call it a -gun- a gun is a weapon or tool.... artists use Instruments. Most common I have heard it called is a Tattoo Iron. . . . .
are these to be tattooed on humans or fruits??
idky yall are scared to use it on a person. ive made a couple guns similar to this and they work good. i use them on myself and friends. but i always use real ink and change the string out. and put it in alcohol. using pen ink is dumb on a person. but my tattoos have come out looking really good.
thats whats up... but its all about tha 916 sacramento cali bizz tho
Sepsis- Infection of blood stream, unless treated with antibiotics. You will die. <br> <br> <br>Be careful. <br> <br>-Paramedic
that was badass
omg a pimped out banana =o<br/>
Why not to use a home made non sterile tattoo gun filled with biro ink?<br> <br> Hmmmmm.... Lets see...<br> <br> Use it first and you just risk septicemia.<br> <br> Use it after anyone else you risk Hepatitis C, HIV and full blown AIDS.<br> <br> And my personal favorite being that nothing quite says DUMBASS like a unprofessionally drawn badly faded tattoo done with the wrong type of ink.<br> <br> <a href="http://www.capohedz.com/typebrighter/2005/10/really-bad-tattoos.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.capohedz.com/typebrighter/2005/10/really-bad-tattoos.html</a><br> <br> <br>
&nbsp;nice knife!
where did u get the motor?
dude, you can find them almost everywhere :P i like to take broken things apart and i have like a dozen of this motors rc cars is a good source (maybe want to buy some at walmart)
maybe get some food grade dye and clean the tube out youll never have to worry about someone stealing your fruit again muwahaha!
Is this a real Tattoo Gun?<br />
i would say it is , because u can make a tattoo with it. :)<br />
Have you seen the Tattoo gun they make in Prisons? There so good some of the Tattoos in prisons look so well done<br />
wer u get the ball pump<br />
i got it in a store .like u konw i just took the cheapes one.<br />
umm i may have missed it in the text but what did you use as the ink ??<br />
i jus used a pen ink that i bought in a shop in them little glas botels <br /> i used that because it was only for making tattoos on fruits not on skin u konw.<br />
i know its only meant for fruits i was simply curious if you had a special ink or not thanks a bunch for the Instructable&nbsp; :D<br />
how about my little brother lol
Good idea not to tattoo people, you could try tattooing a pig or something. Ill try to make a nice old school tattoo on a watermelon. ;)
haha i never would have thought of using a fruit!

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