How to Make Tandoori Roti - Indian Cooking Recipe





Introduction: How to Make Tandoori Roti - Indian Cooking Recipe

Tandoori Roti is another type of Indian unleavened bread which is usually made in a clay oven called a tandoor and commonly enjoyed with chicken, lamb, mutton or other non-vegetarian dishes. Vegetarians out there, don’t worry. It tastes just as fabulous with vegetarian curry dishes as well! Try this easy to make at home recipe and method. You won’t need to run out and buy a tandoor!

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    Atta = Flour

     goes well with chana

    I found the website  The ladies can COOK!  My wife is indian, and I loved her mother's roti, but not so much my wife's version.  I tried this recipe and we all love it!  Great with curried chicken and dahl.

    Very very clever. Tastes good. Thanks for this great recipe

    what a great idea.may i know what toaster you are using? great job! i love it .i will definately try it.

    What a super cool method! I can really see kids enjoying watching the toaster to let you know when they're done. Thanks and well done :D

    Very nice and very tasty too, good job girls