How to Make Tape Cassette Purses





Introduction: How to Make Tape Cassette Purses

About: Tami A. Walker under her business name BoxyQueens, shares her How to make stuff into things videos. Be inspired by crazy art projects and new ideas.

A step by step guide to reusing tape cassettes and making them into retro purses.



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    8 Discussions

    This is such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing! I'm going to be making some of these very soon! :)

    Hello, Tamy is a great reuse project, my daughter Lupita likes handbags, and I'll make a pink decorated , and perhaps a larger to install on my grille bike, I do not know where I will find so many tapes,
    Tamy, greetings,.. nice hair.

    i dint let go o my old cassettes looks like i wont have thanks ...............

    Wow! Super Cute! Great reuse for our most treasured of past times! I had a hard time giving up my tapes when I went over to CD's and now I wish I'd have kept them! Guess it's thrift store time once again! lol! Thanks!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just made one and wow, you are very creative! :D