Introduction: How to Make the Lion King Nail Art

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i did this to my nails and i thought you girls would love to know how to get the lion king nails on your nails.

Step 1: Step One

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for this nail art you will need:
-yellow, orange, black, white nail polish
-nail art pen
-orange wood stick
-nail polish remover
and what ever nails your doing your design on

Step 2: Step Two

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mix the orange and the white nail polish together and put it on the tips of the nails. then put just the plain orange that you didnt mix in the middle of your nails. after that mix the orange with the smallest amount of black ad put it on the top of your nails. once all 5 of your nails are done dont do anything else to the thum untill theend.

Step 3: Step Three

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make a black line going all the way across the nails make sure that it lines up. then make a hill that looks like the big rock.

Step 4: Step Four

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On the first and last nail make two trees

Step 5: Step Five

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Next your going to make your lion on your 3 nail. make it look like its climing the rock then add white dots on the top of the black

Step 6: Step Six

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add the sun to the 2 nail and add some birds to the 1,2,and 4 nails on the 5 nail write The Lion King and put top coat on all of yuor nails. and there you go. you now have lion king nails.


BrittneyWhiting (author)2012-03-20

Do my nails for me ? : o . ahah jk , this is really good

AussieAnglerGal (author)2012-02-27

these gave me greats ideas for unset and silhouette nails

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