How to Make: the Mirror Shield





Introduction: How to Make: the Mirror Shield

This is a tutorial on how to make the Mirror Shield from The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. It costs under 10 dollars and is very simple.

Shield Measurements:
Shield Design:



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    26 Discussions

    awesome! i think i might do this for cosplay!

    Awesome project! Hey, I'm thinking of making this out of plywood instead of cardboard. Any recommendations as to what I should use for the reflective material?

    1 reply

    theres a list of things, you can use the stuff I used, an actual mirror, or Mylar, or my original idea silver paint with car wax :P

    did you get the idea to make this from playing Orcarina of time or the useless remake? sorry just wanna know if there still some old schoolers out there or little kids thinking their cool with their 3DS's

    7 replies

    I'm in grade 7, and I highly prefer the N64 ocarina of time, and other than the crappy graphics, it is an AMAZING game. :)

    knew you would say that, bet a bunch of kids are like "why does it have a moon on it?", you should do some case paint mods for old nintendo consoles and show some people whats up!