Verticees: the Following Work No Longer Exists





Introduction: Verticees: the Following Work No Longer Exists

Due to a lack of relevancy/old age, the following work: "How to make the Tumble Bean!" was deleted. I apologize for the inconvenience. If you wish to see current works by Verticees, please visit

Step 1:



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    I have many of these but this is a very nice way for making the tumble bean very nice thanks

    Nice instructable. The toy capsule in a kinder surprise works very well also!

    Hey thats a good idea! Unfortunately, they don't sell kinders here (I haven't seen them anywhere close by). Thanks for the idea though!

    I would like to see a video please.

    The video is attached to this instructable on the introduction

    This looks like fun! Thanks for sharing and hope you have a splendorous day!


    I wonder if it would make sense to paint the inside of the capsules so that the plastic would protect the paint. I also wonder if it would work with medicine capsules and BB shot.

    Then you could have a bunch of them going all over the place.

    Lots of fun ideas popping out of this.

    Great instructable!

    Hi joen,
    I'm so glad you enjoyed my instructable!!
    Painting the inside is a great idea, but it might be hard to sand the inside of the capsules. Of course, you could use spray paint.
    Medicine capsules and BB shot might work as well, but unfortunately I can't test that.
    If anyone tries that, please let me know the results!

    I tried it a few years ago and it does work. The only problem is that it isn't very durable and can't get wet.