Introduction: How to Make Thermite

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As always, exercise extreme caution when using this stuff. Have a charged hose or bucket of water on hand to put out any accidental fires that may ignite from sparks.

Step 2: The Mix

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 I have found that you can measure by volume or weight.
Aluminum powder or shavings. 1/3 of volume or there about.
Ferris oxide (rust)                          2/3 of volume or there about.


iceng (author)2012-02-05

I understand thermite was used in war to melt ( decommission )
cannon barrels like tank guns.

I would enjoy looking at a length of seamless iron pipe melting
by a thermite charge..


Aerospaced (author)iceng2012-02-05

It leaves a lump of metal fused to the interior of the barrel rendering it useless. It was also use to sabotage rail lines and vehicles. If you were to fill the pipe only a portion of it would melt. The reaction is fast and the volume shrinks quickly. The molten metal would sink to the lowest point. If you wanted to melt it along its length, you would have to construct a "V" shaped trough from clay along the top of it. It would take a considerable amount of material to do this and the trough would have to be fairly deep to hold the thermite. Even then it may not be consistent in the "cut".

SpeedStrikerXLR (author)2010-11-01

wow awsome thanks firs weiwer and comment :d

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