Introduction: How to Make Toy Chica's Bib

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Learn how I make a bib.

Step 1: Materials

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get some white cloth or crepe paper, get some construction paper with assorted colors, scissors, and tape or glue.

Step 2: Step Title

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cut a square using the cloth or paper, fold it into a triangle and make sure that it fits around the neck of the wearer.

Step 3: The Print

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the print should say let's party if you want it to be toy chica and let's eat if you want it to be chica.

Step 4: Cut and Paste

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cut the print, and paste or tape it on the cloth or paper, don't forget the confetti designs.

(this took me a while to make what was in the picture lol)

Step 5: Try It Out♪

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but first... cut a hole where the neck should be so you won't choke lol

sew all the gaps together. and you're done, try it out


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Bio: Hiya! its me, Toy chica and im here to party so... free pizza?
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