This is the instructions on how to make the new tr 18 rifle/pistol i made it has a trigger guard and iron sights with a custom grip. Hope you like it please rate comment and subscribe.

Step 1: Main Body

Step 2: Handle

Step 3: Stock

Step 4: Turret

Step 5: Assembly

Step 6: Banding

Send me some pictures and i will show them.

Step 7: Final Product

If you're gonna plagiarize someone at the least do a good job at it.
shut up look at your gun compared to my gun.
I'm sorry but which one?
your gun compared to my bolt action sniper ok
instructions aren't great...
soo what
Just saying because it would've been helpful if there was better instructions...I<br> don't mean to be offensive or anything.
well i was in a hurry
5* to balance things out.

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