My first instructable was how to make Vista look like a Mac, but this time it's Linux. This is what your desktop will look like after you've done this.

Step 1: If you want, download a dock.

If you don't want a dock, just skip to step 2.
But if you do, follow this step. Open Ubuntu Software Center / Centre. Search "Docky" in the software center / centre. Then, download the program that matches the screenshot attached to this step, then open it in the "Accessories" category in the "Applications" menu. You can customize this dock by right-clicking the anchor and clicking settings. Add applications to the dock by dragging them into the dock from your desktop / "Applications menu"
<p>How to hide the Ubuntu application menu (The left side menu with Unity)?</p>
<p>Go to Apperance -&gt; Behaviour </p><p>Set Reveal Sensitivity to low!</p>
I don't get it. Why would you take a perfectly good OS and make it look like something less? Can't be just for fun. Linux is already fun.
<p>the internet is full of disussions where linux and windows users ask how to make their OS look like a Mac, but almost nobody asks the opposite: I get it...</p>
<p>Bearing in mind that it is much easier to just install a flavour of Linux and be done with it...</p>
<p>i ran the script in terminal it doesnt change automatically.</p><p>and also there is no option is shown in the themes tab for this</p><p>what do i do??</p>
<p>try http://www.mintosx.blogspot.com.ar</p>
tell me how to make something look less like osX and i'll be impressed ;)
But, that's not the name of this tutorial...
dont mind me im just hatin on apple ;) im done now :P

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