Picture of How to make Ubuntu Linux look like Mac OS X
My first instructable was how to make Vista look like a Mac, but this time it's Linux. This is what your desktop will look like after you've done this.

Step 1: If you want, download a dock.

Picture of If you want, download a dock.
If you don't want a dock, just skip to step 2.
But if you do, follow this step. Open Ubuntu Software Center / Centre. Search "Docky" in the software center / centre. Then, download the program that matches the screenshot attached to this step, then open it in the "Accessories" category in the "Applications" menu. You can customize this dock by right-clicking the anchor and clicking settings. Add applications to the dock by dragging them into the dock from your desktop / "Applications menu"
mintosx1 year ago

try http://www.mintosx.blogspot.com.ar

SharpyWarpy4 years ago
I don't get it. Why would you take a perfectly good OS and make it look like something less? Can't be just for fun. Linux is already fun.
Bongmaster5 years ago
tell me how to make something look less like osX and i'll be impressed ;)
J Man!!! (author)  Bongmaster5 years ago
But, that's not the name of this tutorial...
dont mind me im just hatin on apple ;) im done now :P