How to Make Undermig Paper Pistol Gun.





Introduction: How to Make Undermig Paper Pistol Gun.

This is mini paper. plz use normal size... as you all saw in my slide show this is my paper pistol gun. Feel free to rate and comment this instructable Thx. and il post other guns if i feel like it o.0 zZzZzZzZzZ

im waiting to the image to load so.... ahh its done yay haha and this gun shots about 7-17 feet distance~ for me. it depends how you make the bollet and how you blow on it.

Step 1: The Paper Used...

PLZ DO NOT USE THIS MINI PAPER. use normal size paper.... cause bigger it is more power it will get.. more air for these idiots...

still waiting to the mini paper i use TO NOT USE that i took. if you use this paper well it will go about 7 feet. normal paper is about 10-17 feet.

Step 2: Make the 2 Tube Important!!!

make 1 simple tube not to small not to big... and re make 1 a bit bigger so the small 1 can fit in it...........

- image go so slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!........................... don t read you #!$@$!#
-you have nothing to do of your life!!!
-stop reading selfish noob
-Omg didn t I say stop reading...
- Ok fine i give up zZzZzZzZz.....

Step 3: Cut the 2 Silenders

cut it to insert the bollet and be able to slide the gun like a real 1

-cut the bigger 1 in like close in half and keep 1 end.
-then cut like um... half(long way <---->) til close to midle and go up


ARG 5 min later still not loaded image... morons.... jk? no. yes. idk... wath you looking at? nerds!!!

Step 4: Atach a Part to Help the Sliding Part #1

atach a part to help the sliding part #1 this will make more a look and is made to slide the gun like a real one.

- make like a tube like the first one you made. but cut a sall part like um 1cm or 9mm not to much. and like i said a million times. take a normal size paper... zZzZzZzZzZz

Step 5: Atach a Part to Help the Sliding Part #2

atach a part to help the sliding part #2

- make a rectangle paper peace that will cover the lowest cilander half way. but cut like 1cm-9mm ~~~

i hope you like this instructable atless...

Step 6: The Handle and Clip.s.

Give a general description of the Stepdandle and a cool part the clip. 1 thing is you dont need to make it like square. You can make it flat at the botom of it.

- the clip isint a real working 1 its just to keep a couple of bollet
-i d k .........
- last pic= clip in the hadle and be sure the clip dont pop out 1" out of the handle and be sure the clip stay in the handle i made a octagone as the forme of the clip...

Step 7: Amo and Top Cover for Gun FINISH I Think..

first pic is the top cover the secound pic is the amo go look in the site if you wanna know how to make a blow dart amo... (cone) Sry i don t really show you how to put the top but w.e you can figure it up if your not 0.o o.0 so yea...

Step 8: TOTAL Wath You Should Have and Some Details.

this is wath you should have and how to load your amo in the gun. and i show were to kinda put the top cover casue im a nice guy!!! haha...

and you are ganna see ME UNDERMIG THE CREATER MUHAHAHA im buitifull :*-D im im glad...



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Also, why the bloody (insert religious "bad place" here) do you insult your viewers??? Bah, I'll just go to another Instructable, this sucks anyway.

calm down you two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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then understand this dummy. GET OUT OF MY INSTRUCTABLES! Was that clear enough for you?

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