Picture of How to make Undermig paper pistol gun.
This is mini paper. plz use normal size... as you all saw in my slide show this is my paper pistol gun. Feel free to rate and comment this instructable Thx. and il post other guns if i feel like it o.0 zZzZzZzZzZ

im waiting to the image to load so.... ahh its done yay haha and this gun shots about 7-17 feet distance~ for me. it depends how you make the bollet and how you blow on it.

Step 1: The paper used...

Picture of the paper used...
PLZ DO NOT USE THIS MINI PAPER. use normal size paper.... cause bigger it is more power it will get.. more air for these idiots...

still waiting to the mini paper i use TO NOT USE that i took. if you use this paper well it will go about 7 feet. normal paper is about 10-17 feet.
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ismol7 months ago

Good idea I suppose, but your grammar sucks.

Also, why the bloody (insert religious "bad place" here) do you insult your viewers??? Bah, I'll just go to another Instructable, this sucks anyway.

knexbug1 year ago

calm down you two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

agentrok6 years ago
I'm sorry,but your english was so broken that I couldn't understand what you were trying to tell me.I don't mean to be a grammar ninja,but I just couldn't understand you.
Undermig (author)  agentrok6 years ago
then understand this dummy. GET OUT OF MY INSTRUCTABLES! Was that clear enough for you?
dont be such a little prepubescent brat about it. btw you really need to spell check this instructable, you misspelled like half of the entire instructable.
Undermig (author)  nail face4 years ago
really classy, you commented on a 2years old comment A+++ Dr.Noob
kinolo Undermig4 years ago
I take it you must hate people correcting you, but anyway i like the collection and the instructables. Great work
Undermig (author)  kinolo4 years ago
when it has been over years and I get 1000 comment a day of my spelling. FOR 2 YEARS... I don't need ppl to say the same thing over and over again for 2 years... and it is usualy the same ppl that keep on saying it on all my instructables.
If you don't want so many comments telling you to spell check, then just spell check!
This is true.
thefoodman6 years ago
u r crazy man
Undermig (author)  thefoodman6 years ago
why am i crazy?
sank11 Undermig4 years ago
hey do u hav a facebook account?
Undermig (author)  sank114 years ago
yes Miguel Bechard
sank11 Undermig4 years ago
and orkut?
Undermig (author)  sank114 years ago
??? whats orkut, if you want to add me on facebook just put Miguel Bechard from Ontario Canada with a paintball guy in his profile picture.
read this step lol
crazy ausome?
sank114 years ago
hey can you make a without blowing semi auto gun?
Undermig (author)  sank114 years ago
I could but I don't have time any more
bz28924 years ago
but the website says that you do not have to blow in it to shoot!
lol man...
Undermig (author) 6 years ago
Hey guys i made an instructable of my paper pistol hope you all like it haha xD
not bad the handle part is kind of confusing though
Undermig (author)  coolboy456 years ago
just make it flat or make a square .... not that hard...fold. fold. and re fold... PLZ rate this Ty. i kinda made it just for you haha
ty ,lol ok
Undermig (author)  coolboy456 years ago
MUCLE Undermig5 years ago
your pistols look good but y have them in stupid colours
first of all great idea second its 'bullet' not 'bollet' third i cant under stand what the heck you're talking about cuz it seems like you wrote this after having like 50 redbulls slow down i cant understand you but i would love to try this out
Undermig (author)  sniper4life6 years ago
lol i was exeted to post this and make a new generation of guns with paper. not knex this time haha xd
Seleziona5 years ago
 You are right, you are gorgeous! JK!
leiviskaboy5 years ago

kan u use masking tape

Undermig (author)  leiviskaboy5 years ago
gtaplayer6 years ago
vivamexico6 years ago
Your grammatical skills insult me sir. I had no flipping idea what you were saying. But your guns do look good.....
this is awesome but go on www.youtube.com and type in how to make a paper npg-6 to improve yours.
Undermig (author)  i can go supersonic6 years ago
um yea but no.... a scope to a paper gun is hopeless. unless of my sniper riffle. because you have to aim in scope + blow in the tube and the scope is way off.
danilo-dude6 years ago
Now there's something' you don't see every day! :)
Undermig (author)  danilo-dude6 years ago
lol yea i am kinda the first one who did this on this site rite?
If im not bind, then yes.
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