How to make Undermig paper pistol gun.

Step 2: Make the 2 tube important!!!

Picture of make the 2 tube important!!!
make 1 simple tube not to small not to big... and re make 1 a bit bigger so the small 1 can fit in it...........

- image go so slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!........................... don t read you #!$@$!#
-you have nothing to do of your life!!!
-stop reading selfish noob
-Omg didn t I say stop reading...
- Ok fine i give up zZzZzZzZz.....
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thefoodman5 years ago
u r crazy man
Undermig (author)  thefoodman5 years ago
why am i crazy?
sank11 Undermig3 years ago
hey do u hav a facebook account?
Undermig (author)  sank113 years ago
yes Miguel Bechard
sank11 Undermig3 years ago
and orkut?
Undermig (author)  sank113 years ago
??? whats orkut, if you want to add me on facebook just put Miguel Bechard from Ontario Canada with a paintball guy in his profile picture.
read this step lol
lol man...

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