Step 4: Step 4: The Mac taskbar and the leftsider

Picture of Step 4: The Mac taskbar and the leftsider
 Ok, well if these 2 programmes didn`t come with the Visual Style, then download these. Google Finderbar, click on the second result. Once you downloaded it, search for it in the start menu search bar and click Finderbar_engine. Copy the file, then search for a folder called Startup. Paste it in the Startup folder and it`ll run at Startup. Leftsider: Google leftsider and click the second result. Download it and you`re gonna open it the same way you opened finderbar. Search it in the start menu and run it. There is a DLL file that comes with it. If you want to run this at startup, copy and paste leftsider in the Startup folder. Then find the DLL file. Copy and paste that in as well.
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