How to Make Windows Vista or XP Look Like Mac Os X Without Putting Your Computer at Risk





Introduction: How to Make Windows Vista or XP Look Like Mac Os X Without Putting Your Computer at Risk

There is an easy way to make boring old vista or XP look almost exactly like Mac Os X its really easy come learn how! To download go to

Step 1: Step 1 Download & Install Rocketdock

Download and Install Rocketdock for XP Or Vista. And Move all icons into the dock itself. Unlock the taskbar (One with start button) and Drag to the top of the screen.

Step 2: Open Your Internet Browser

Open your internet browser and go to the google image search. Type in mac os x scroll down and click on the image seen on image 2. Set it as the Desktop Background.

Step 3: Properties.

Right Click on the taskbar and click properties and check the box that says auto hide then click apply.

Step 4: You Are Done!

You are done the finder bar is not there but I think you will live! If you need to access the task bar again just put your mouse at the very top of the screen and it will appear. Enjoy Vista os x! Tell me how I did and please comment this is my second instructable.



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lol this is nothing, my pc looks like this (windows xp)


this is what it look like after transformation,,,

theme credit :thememypc


this is what i used Make Your Windows Look like Mac os

My computer was running really slowly after following your advice and now it won't turn on!!! Help :/

will this change it on only my account? (on winxp?) also, will it slow down the computer alot?
and, will windows (ie, googlechrome, etc...) look look like mac ones? (x-out button and stuff on left?)

Who would want their computer's operating system to look like the crappiest one in the universe?

That's exactly why I don't want mine to look like XP!

It isn't exactly "Crappy" I have XP and it's CRAPPY! so why not have your friends tricked with something that cant get many viruses??

Can you get the desktop icons back the same way?

Don't use this it stuffed my computer and my parents are angry