Introduction: How to Make Windows Vista or XP Look Like Mac Os X Without Putting Your Computer at Risk

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There is an easy way to make boring old vista or XP look almost exactly like Mac Os X its really easy come learn how! To download go to

Step 1: Step 1 Download & Install Rocketdock

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Download and Install Rocketdock for XP Or Vista. And Move all icons into the dock itself. Unlock the taskbar (One with start button) and Drag to the top of the screen.

Step 2: Open Your Internet Browser

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Open your internet browser and go to the google image search. Type in mac os x scroll down and click on the image seen on image 2. Set it as the Desktop Background.

Step 3: Properties.

Picture of Properties.

Right Click on the taskbar and click properties and check the box that says auto hide then click apply.

Step 4: You Are Done!

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You are done the finder bar is not there but I think you will live! If you need to access the task bar again just put your mouse at the very top of the screen and it will appear. Enjoy Vista os x! Tell me how I did and please comment this is my second instructable.


JustanR made it! (author)2015-01-27

is rocked dock risky if you download it could you get a virus?

i don't want to ruin my windows

hey Every body!!! is custo packs a virus? because when i installed it. it made my computer run faster in fact it did not "not respond"

MomircarT (author)2014-08-22

lol this is nothing, my pc looks like this (windows xp)

DX MRINAL (author)2013-06-25

this is what it look like after transformation,,,

theme credit :thememypc

DX MRINAL (author)2013-03-18

this is what i used Make Your Windows Look like Mac os

i3dpple (author)2012-07-03

My computer was running really slowly after following your advice and now it won't turn on!!! Help :/

darthbindy (author)2012-01-18

will this change it on only my account? (on winxp?) also, will it slow down the computer alot?
and, will windows (ie, googlechrome, etc...) look look like mac ones? (x-out button and stuff on left?)

Miles Tails Prower (author)2010-12-09

Who would want their computer's operating system to look like the crappiest one in the universe?

That's exactly why I don't want mine to look like XP!

It isn't exactly "Crappy" I have XP and it's CRAPPY! so why not have your friends tricked with something that cant get many viruses??

raustin1 (author)2011-08-22

Can you get the desktop icons back the same way?

Cman99 (author)2011-05-23

Don't use this it stuffed my computer and my parents are angry

rikurawr (author)2009-08-14

do i have to remove the shortcuts then?

tkalinowski (author)rikurawr2011-04-26

No, I had the same problem. I found a very simple solution though. Simply create a folder called "Shortcuts" and drag it to be a new icon on your desktop. Drag and drop all your shortcuts to this folder. When you are done, rename the folder with just a comma.
When that is done, just right click on the folder icon and click Properties" then "Customize". Then click "Change Icon" and look for a blank space in between all the options for new icons. There should be a few. When you find such a space, click on it and click apply. Then your folder will be invisible, and the comma will seem like it's just another star in the backround. Make sure you know where the folder is so you can drag and drop your shortcuts back if you want to.

JazzyTunes (author)2011-02-21


also to add or make your own icon to the desktop, i found this very helpful...

zchampine (author)2010-04-19

Won't this consume a large amount of system resources though, especially on 32-bit?

MaconVista (author)2010-03-09

 Oh, i forgot to tell you one Detail

To get the Taskbar at the top-

Right click-it then click Properties

Then uncheck
Lock the Taskbar

Then click and hold on the taskbar and Drag it upto the top of the screen

MaconVista (author)2010-03-09

 I made my very own Vista into Mac Guide

Step One: You need RocketDock -

And if you want a Bigger Mac feel Download these things for RocketDock

MAC OS X Skin for RocketDock -

MAC OS X Icons for Rocketdock -

MAC OS X Calander for RocketDock -

Step Two: Now the Visualisation (Start Bar, Menu's etc.)
Now what you want is WindowsBlinds.
It can change the look of vista in a Flash

WindowsBlinds7 -
(Ignore the Address it has a 30 day free Trial, When the trial runs out just download it again)

Now the Mac theme For WindowsBlinds - http://mrrste.deviantart/art/leopard-V-82009828

Step Three: The Desktop Background
Well you want a nice Mac Background So here are some links

Aqua Blue Mac -

Mac Space (original) -

If you don't Like them then Go to Google Images ;)

And another thing, Right-Click on you're Desktop and then click View Then uncheck Show Desktop Icons and you will have a Clean-Cut Desktop

Step Four: Still have that Vista Feel?

Well then you need This IconPackage.
It changes nearly EVERY Vista icon into a Different pack (Yes you can change it back with the click of a button)

Download it Here -

Once again ignore the Address its got a free version!

Step Five: Internet Exploring

Well You should consider Dumping Internet Explorer or FireFox for Safari if you want a complete Mac Feel

Download it for Vista Here -

Well i think Thats it, Please Thank me if it works for you (It will)
This comment took a while because i Had to Handwrite all the links (It wouldn't let me copy and paste)

sleepycuber (author)2010-02-14

i found a better dock thats 3D. has the reflections and everything just like snow leopard and its free. but if u dont like it 3D then u can make it 2D. you can also customize it to get the exact snow leopard look if u download new skins or u can make your own if u know how. im still trying to make the downloads work >.>... anywho heres the site:

by the way i included a pic oh how it looks on my comp :)

josh827 (author)2009-11-15

 Also how do you get the thing from the top of your screen to the bottom?

josh827 (author)2009-11-15

 Please Someone Help me!!!!
I accidentally deleted the setting icon 
i don't know what to do:(
Please Help Me

anonymouse197 (author)2009-10-23

 Come on people. just admit that the entire computing world look up to Macs (Ba Gamers) so why not buy one? If you can afford a PC then save up for another year and buy a mac. I don't mean to be rude to PC users.

mikifiki (author)2009-09-15

Cool it look just like it!!!!!!!!!!

Green! (author)2009-06-25

awesome =D

Walshy1 (author)2009-06-17

nice, finally i can get an os that looks good and lets you control your computer

deademsee (author)2009-05-02

good job bro

sawyer95 (author)2009-04-28

or your could just download "vista os x" makes it look like mac even with the start bar and you can just get stardock object dock which is a lot better and you can download new skins and change the icons and vista os x makes the windows that are up have the 3 color buttons like on mac and the apple for the start menu

kicker109 (author)2008-07-09

what about the icons? if your friends look at it they may say... " Hey thats not real!" because the icons dont look like Mac OS X

ConanMayerFan (author)kicker1092009-03-20

just go on to like deviant art or similar websites and search for "mac icons" a bunch of icons will show up

REA (author)kicker1092009-03-13


I had all of them lying around. knock yourselves out!

kicker109 (author)REA2009-03-14

no thanx, ill stay consious (did i soell it correctly?)

fluxorz (author)kicker1092009-02-10

you can use stardocks's iconpackager for this, too. stardock has all the greatest stuff.

laxdude31 (author)kicker1092008-08-10

you have to download a mac icon set. I dont know where they are but just google it.

Redgerr (author)kicker1092008-07-17

idk, just tell him that you changed the icons because you like the pc ones better :)

Born2ridetx (author)2009-03-13

works great, I have all Icons in the dock but they also stay on desktop..... why and how can I fix this. Thank you ..

REA (author)2009-03-13

dont use rocket dock. RK Launcher is allot better. i have it and it looks almost exactly like OS X Leopard's dock. and it supports both Y'Z and ObjectDock docklets. as for the finder bar, if you just want it as a visual thing hide the task bar and just include the finder bar in your background image. you can still use the start menu by hitting the window button (in between ctrl and alt) on your keyboard.

adityagautam (author)2008-07-19

Nice Idea... :) But here is something that might be better: Instead of using RocketDock, you might considering using StarDock Plus, since that has an option of hiding the takbar... That is, even if u move the mouse to where the taskbar was, it won't pop up... And there is this thing called Objectbar, which I'm trying to download... I've heard its useful in making the taskbar disappear.

fluxorz (author)adityagautam2009-02-10

this is true! stardock's software (both object dock and objectbar) are better for this, and you can use styler (i know, simple name, so it's hard to google. i searched for "styler windows theme" and got it, and it's free) with a mac os x theme for epic greatness. have fun!

Of course, that's if you're willing to spend money on either of those programs...

You can do it with the free version too, thats what I do but I don't try and make vista look like osx, I just use whatever cool themes I can find for it

Redgerr (author)2008-07-17

prety impressive that you found that lol... if i was to get mac this is the mac i would get ;) thanks

DuctTapeRules! (author)2008-07-13

If you want to make the finder bar, get a mac theme for vista and move the start bar to the top.

LinuxH4x0r (author)2008-06-28

Or just get the real thing

i thought you liked linux for some reason...

I do. I use linux on my desktop computer, but my laptop is a macbook that runs leopard.

nice, my friend installed linux and a hard drive on his old xbox (not 360, just the old one) and by the way, please view my instructable here, all you have to do is click the link

Already saw it. Wow, what a waste of server space

ummmm... thanks? there are worse things to do when you're bored right?

cool, but my birthday (july 4th) is over already, maybe next year...

Awww, too bad. Try it tonight anyways

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