Step 4: Connect the Sansa View to Pc

Start by reading the quick guide and any other materials it came with.
As you can tell, there's a slight lacking of instruction in the guides.

Then, take the Rhapsody cd and place it back in the box, you won't be needing it because it is useless.
Take the usb cable and plug the flat end into the Sansa View and the other rectangle end into a usb port into your computer. Of course the computer won't recognize it, you plugged it in before I guess. Wait a few hours until the power bar on the Sansa View is completely full.
(I heard that some people got Vista to recognize the Sansa View just by letting it charge completely.)
If it doesn't work, then:

Disconnect the Sansa View from the computer,
Turn on the Sansa and place it into hold mode before the welcome screen disappears,
Hold down the rewind button, and plug it back into the computer.

the Sansa View should be in MSC mode now. In this mode your computer sees it like a mass storage device and you can easily drag files or edit the Sansa View in this mode. You have to repeat step 3 and you'll be fine.

I hope this has saved people from the frustration of spending $150 and a mp3 player only to have it not work. If you have any problems or, you see some mistakes in the instractable, please leave a comment.
Hey, I was having problems getting the view to work on Vista. Easy solution: go to the folder "More", then "Settings", then "USB Mode". Change it from "Auto Detect" to "MSC". Done! Worked fine.
Yes that is because you had the right firmware. The earlier versions of Sansa View did not have an MSC mode.This instructable tells you how to manually enter MSC mode and download the updated firmware using Vista if you have an older firmware.

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