Here are the instructions for making some great wine jelly. You can use any type of wine - red, white or rose, and it can be sweet or dry. If you like to drink it, you can use it in a jelly. I've used a ruby port that made a delicious jelly, but this Instructable uses an inexpensive blackberry wine since I wanted that blackberry flavor.

Step 1: Ingredients, Tools & Utensils

The ingredients are very easy & very few.

2 cups wine (Blackberry in this case)
3 1/4 cups sugar
1 pouch liquid pectin.

The pectin can be found in many supermarkets around the canning supplies, but you may have to hunt around for it. There is dry pectin and liquid pectin. The liquid comes 2 pouches to a box. The recipe uses only one, but this jelly is so good, you'll want to make another batch.

You're going to need 2 big pots, 1 smaller pot, large tongs for lifting jars, something to stir the jelly as it's cooking, canning jars with lids & bands. I used 4 jars, 1/2 pint (1 cup).

Some optional, but handy, tools are a canning rack, a large ladle, jar tongs, and a magnetic lid lifer. Unless you plan on doing a lot more canning, you can do without these.

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