How to Make a 0$ EASY TO CARRY Private Home Theater (Cheapest, Easiest,Coolest)





Introduction: How to Make a 0$ EASY TO CARRY Private Home Theater (Cheapest, Easiest,Coolest)

Forget emptying your pockets of your hard earned money to set up a home entertainment system. All you need is cardboard and a smart phone. Follow these steps and you'll be able to watch your favorite movies as though you were in a dark movie theater. It might not look that cool, but the closed space will provide you with surround sound. And if the small screen on your phone is a problem for you, you can use your tablet. In which case, it's recommended that you get yourself a bigger piece of cardboard.

All you need is

- A Cardboard Box

- Scissors

- Tape

- A Mobile Phone

-Stationary Set

Step 1: Method

1. Any large cardboard box will do.

2. Cut out the top of the box.

3. Cut out room for your head

4. Cut out the shape of your smart phone.

5. Tape up a support area for your phone.S

Step 2: Method

6. Put your phone inside and have the screen face you.


TIP- You can paint your theater according to your favourites

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    lol that's so funny!!! Can't stop laughing :D

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    Hahaha thank you so much!
    people loved it alot!
    i am very happy :D


    Im hapy that u loved it!

    Pls vote if u can?

    This is EXACTLY what your mother told you NOT to do when you were watching TV. Nice i'ble.

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    Hahaha yeah :P

    Pls vote me if u liked it!

    Its my bday today :P

    So im enjoying in this thing :P

    Nice idea. It'd be perfect if there were some way to convince my cats that the the top of the box on my head wasn't their new hangout, though.

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    Add spikes :D

    I will tho.. :P

    Pls Vote if you liked it!

    Haha Thanks!

    Enjoy with ur cat's new hangout :P

    looks like google cardboard v alpha. model type 100

    just kidding.

    nice idea for those who dont have a google Cboard

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    Thanks a lot!

    and please vote me!

    Google carboard is kind of a gaming/movie goggle (like the oculus rift) but made of cardboard and using your own smartphone :)

    If you had a tablet it would be even better.