This is the 4th in the D&D; dice, however, it is not truely a Platonic Solid.

I put it in so you can make a whole set of dice.

Like in most of the previous Platonic Solid/Dice Instructables we will start with a triangle.

Step 1: Materials

A new addition to our materials this time, a 30/60 drafting triangle.

Butter Knife
30/60 Drafting Triangle

Nail Polish Remover: Just incase you accidentally glue your fingers.
I think you'd call that a Decahedron.
no decahedron have 20 sides this has 10
20 sides is dodecahedron (I think)
This shape is a pentagonal trapezohedron (made up of kite shapes)<br /> A dodecahedron is a 12 sided shape<br /> 20 sided shapes are Icosahedrons<br /> <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dice#Standard_variations" rel="nofollow">en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dice#Standard_variations</a><br /> just thought i'd clear that up<br /> --brokeit
Does anyone know how to carve these from wood?
Cryophile, I'm thinking about revisitng this project this winter with a table saw and MDF.
Awesome. I keep looking for instructions, but I can't find them. I plan on casting some dice from aluminum, and it would be nice if I had some solid wood dice to use as patterns so I didn't have to use real dice. They get expensive for little pieces of plastic.
Why cant you just use the plastic dice for patterns? Or why not make a mold of a plastic die in silicone then cast wax into the silicone...<br />
the only hard part to making them out of wood is the chamfer ok a d6 is simply 45&deg;. but the rest get more complicated.<br />
Can you add a pic for step 2 please?
Unfortunately my camera has gone bye-bye. The idea is that you want to make a perfect 60-60-60 degree triangle or isosceles triangle that is 6cm on each side.
Dodecahedron is twelve, Icosahedron is 20.
Out of all the (A)DnD dice shapes this is the only one I never got around to making. Thanks for the plans! Can't wait to see your take on making a d20 (I did it in one piece not 20 separate triangles.) My sister had needed one for a charity cake walk type thing years ago.
I made my D20 out of 3 seperate pieces. The top & bottom mirrors this instructable accept the angles meet at the apex portion of the hexagon. The middle is made out of a single piece folded 10 times. Came out pretty nice. That one will be next.
Here is the template. A regular hex could be made with the equilateral triangles, but the folds in the 10 side need to be in the midpoint of the angles not the apex of the angles. Sorry thats as clear as I can say it.... Anyway, here is the template.
I can't wait for number 5. L (can you add a template to this?)

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