How to Make a 20 Dollar Bill Turn Into the Twin Towers Falling





Introduction: How to Make a 20 Dollar Bill Turn Into the Twin Towers Falling

This is pretty neat. I will show you how to make a 20 dollar bill turn into the twin towers falling.

Step 1: First Fold

First you need to make well this is what I call it a hot dog fold.

Step 2: The Next Fold

Next you need to make the fold that I did in this picture.

Step 3: Your Now Allmost Done

Now you just need to make the same fold that I did in the last picture only you need to make the fold on the left side instead of on the right side.

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*over loudspeaker* And if you flip it backwards, you can see the pentagon.

What's even SCARIER is that the North tower, on the left side of the bill, was struck by an AMERICAN Airlines plane, and the South tower, right side of bill, was in fact struck by a UNITED plane! What are the odds of THAT!!!

They made the $20 bill before the 9/11 indecent if only some one folded it before and tried to make sense of it??? LOL XD

I am not saying its your fault for doing this but think dont you think it is a little rude to made a joke out of this when during the event when people lost their family friends or lifes or even people and animals that tried to rescue others. The goverment are nasty people who are very selfish

THIS DOES NOT WORK W THE NEW 20's it only works with the version of the 20 that was released before 2002 (the new bill was intentionally changed so it doesn't work anymore) the f**K'd up part is that the flipside looks like th pentagon from the side getting hit the 20 it works w was designed 5 years b4 9/11 it was a fluke pure and simple

How long do you think it would take to pull this off? It took several years of planning and prep work. The full sequence of events is depicted in order from the $5 to the $100, not just the $20. It took several years of preparation to rig those buildings to implode so perfectly. The planes were just used to hide the fact that it was the govt. Do you know about the third building? Not many do. It was a couple blocks away and fell in the exact some way without any plane hitting it. But it housed al the documents that were being investigated when it was found that a certain agency couldn't account for about $9 trillion! The evidence had to be destroyed.

If you really want to get into the conspiracy theory do the exact same thing with a $5, $10, $20, $50, $100. You will see, in progressive order from the $5 to the $100, a tranquil setting, the crash, the buildings burning, the buildings collapsing, then lastly no building, just a faint trail of smoke. Coincidence that the sequence can be produced by folding a series of bills, all the same way in progressive order?

I think it looks more b like a rocket ship taking off if u flip it

Any civilization clever enough to figure out how to fold a 20 dollar bill to look almost exactly like 9-11, is clever enough to figure out ANYTHING