Step 2: Double check

Make sure you have all the pieces of the puzzle and that it can be successfully built.


<p>I just came across this when searching for puzzles... and I am so sorry I did.</p><p>I think all of your other Instructables are far better.</p>
<p>Waste of time...</p>
That's just dumb
<p>I see that you have four followers.</p><p>What did you do, join with five different email addresses and then friend yourself?</p><p>The 'Be nice policy' wasn't made with you in mind.</p>
<p>So to make a 3 piece puzzle unsolvable you take away one of the pieces. Surely it is now a two piece puzzle.</p>
Wow! What a great instructable!!! <br> <br> <br> <br>Meh...-_- <br>
Also with the crowd that hangs here on Instructables, chances are, that if faced with this dilemma, we would fabricate the missing piece and eventually solve the puzzle.
Is there a report button on this wonderful webiste? In two years I have never felt a need to use one. That is until this garbage was created.
Nevermind! I found it! :D Cheers.
you have the lowest rated instructable in the play section, congrats!
sorry but that kinda sucks<br>:(
ya man sorry to ruin your day but this instructable stinks
it is unfortunately not very original but there is one unique thing about this instructable... you PURPOSEFULLY lost a piece
I'd have to agree with the other posters. This did not make a puzzle impossible to solve, it breaks the puzzle. No one is adverse to a little humor, but this is more like false advertising. If you don't have anything constructive to add to this site, build something! There's only about 400,000 useful instructables!! Try one!!
...Really? I was expecting at LEAST remaking one piece to be slightly too large
Where is the site moderator when you need him?????
oh, try this: take two puzzles with roughly the same number of peices, take out about half the peices of each puzzle, shuffle the opposite ones in, and then give a victim the puzzle.
I have a puzzle that is two combined in one box!!! It's really hard to do because the sky is basically the same color. I tried a while ago and got about half of it done but my mom made me take it apart because it was taking so long :P Some day though... ;)
I love this site and have made many projects ranging from puzzles to infinity light boxes to bookshelves. Bravo to all posters, you ingenious lot, you! But this is the dumbest instructable I've ever run across.
I once had a puzzle that was a horrible trifecta of impossibleness. Repeating pattern, no 'edge' pieces, and six extra pieces in the puzzle. If you really want to make a simple jigsaw puzzle less likely to be solved easily, simply buy a second copy of exactly the same puzzle, and mix the two. ;) Or just toss a handful of pieces from one into the other.<br><br>My sister and I used to take the 100 piece children's jigsaw puzzles, mix two or three of them, then put them together upside down, that is, from only the brown side showing. THAT was confounding for our brothers. ;)
i like my duct tape satchel more
Unfortunatley no negative five star so I'll just have to go with 0.5 of a star. <br>Thank you for wasting my time.
how bored were you when you made this?
Ohhhh... I get it, this Instructable IS the puzzle! How clever!
I really wanna find out what you mean! :(
As in, you take a perfectly good puzzle, and remove a piece. The puzzle becomes un-solveable because it is incomplete.<br><br>IE, it is kinda lame.
Oh i was thinking there was some secret meaning to this instructable...dang i read it like 15 times trying to find the secret meaning
Half a star... your basically ruining a perfectly good puzzle
I've had several pre-school children figure out how to do this, successfully, without really trying.<br><br>I'd like to be positive or constructive - or, better yet, both - but this is, easily, the most useless Instructable I've ever seen.
you've ruined christmas! D:
so basically you lose peices of a puzzle? thats lame.
thats REALLY stupid.<br>
nice i saw this looked at it and i wasted ten minutes of my life please give me something bak in return!! of this stupid so called &quot;instructable&quot;
What a waste.
Sorry but It is impossible to be positive and constructive. This is nos a instructable but a &quot;miserable&quot;. It is not usefull at all and what it explains in 5 step can be explained in one step: How to make a puzzle impossible to solve? Removing and loosing one pieze. What a fake instructable. Just to delete!
what is this, i dont even...
The title should be changed to "How to get the lowest rating in Instructables history."
double approved
this is ridiculous :D
So, take a puzzle, and remove one of the pieces. Ya, pretty unsolvable. I have done this to many puzzles (mind you not on purpose).
hahah he said inDEstructable

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