How to make a 3 piece puzzle impossible to solve

Picture of How to make a 3 piece puzzle impossible to solve
In this indestructible i will be explaining how to make a 3 piece puzzle (or any puzzle really) impossible to solve even for an 38 year puzzle pro.
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Step 1: Find a puzzle

Picture of Find a puzzle
First off you need to get a puzzle, around your house, at the store, friends house, etc...
It doesn't matter how you get it as long as you have a puzzle with all the pieces.

Step 2: Double check

Picture of Double check
Make sure you have all the pieces of the puzzle and that it can be successfully built.

Step 3: Make it unsolvable

Picture of Make it unsolvable
Now were going to make the puzzle "impossible" to solve without buying a new puzzle or new pieces.
Randomly select a puzzle piece, take the puzzle piece away from the other puzzle pieces, "lose the puzzle piece", and behold the unsolvable puzzle!

Step 4: Alternative

Picture of Alternative
If you want to puzzle someone even more you can "lose" one of a puzzle set`s puzzle pieces but instead of stopping there, add a puzzle piece from a different puzzle that looks like it goes to the "rigged" puzzle. Pretty villainous

Step 5: Challenge your friends

Picture of Challenge your friends
Challenge your friends with your puzzle and see how puzzled you can make them and when they say it is impossible just say "nothing is impossible".