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How to make a 30 sec Peanut Butter on bread. 


Slice of bread [Any type]
Peanut Butter [Any type]


Knife [Table knife]
Chopping Board

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Spread the bread with peanut butter by using a knife.
olso20954 years ago
what if my table knife is an 18" machete? think that'll still work?
I spread my toast at a party with a sword a while ago, machete and peanut butter could only go better...
wat. (author)  killerjackalope4 years ago
Sword WO!
H the joys of being drunk...
wat. (author)  killerjackalope4 years ago
wat. (author)  olso20954 years ago
Not sure, photo it.
dhandel14 years ago
this is waaaay too confusing for me. I cant get the peanut butter out of the jar? can you explain this process?
wat. (author)  dhandel14 years ago
I'm at england so it will be diffrent.