We will make a standing monster

Step 1: Cutting

Cut it into a square

Step 2: Supplies

You need 2 papers
A scissors
A tape dispenser
A marker
A recycled box
And a toilet paper roll

Step 3: Cutting#2

Cut open the recycled box so it is flat

Step 4: Get Paper and Cut

Get paper
Then cut into these shapes

Step 5: Paper Up

Put square paper on cardboard by putting tape on other side
Then put weird shape on the square

Step 6: Decorate

Get eyes and put double sided tape on the and stick them on
Next draw a smile with 2 big teeth

Step 7: Making It Stand

Put double sided tape on the toilet paper roll then put on back
<p>I like your monster a lot! </p>
Can I see a pic of it
Thank u I found it on a website called papercraft

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