One day I found myself in unforgiving position of being three percent below an a-  on my health grade so what did I do? I asked my teaher if I could do do a project for extra credit. He said yes and gave me three weeks to think of and make something that had anything to do with our last health lesson, so I decide to make the worlds most awesome food pyramid.  

Step 1:

First cut two two inch wide boards to the length of your choice and cut an angle at the ends so that they will fit into the base, also cut an angle at the top so that you can glue the tops to each other.

                                                   to make the base                          
take a board about four inches long and cut it to your desired length.
didn't the USDA redo the food pyramid a few years ago?
yeah, but you can't put the little clay food in the new one
Nice, you made the food from clay? They look great.

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