Step 2: The Penny

Picture of The Penny
Picture 006.jpg
Picture 007.jpg
We are going to use the penny as a handle for the knife. I recommended using a post 1982 Penny if you have access to the Blueing Agent that I had recommended. This is because all pennies after 1982 are Copper and Zinc, and we can blue the zinc, which looks very cool on this knife.

Once you have your Penny put it in your in vice and start closing it until it starts to bend like in picture 1.
Then get your Nickle, and put the handle that we were talking about in the bend of your penny like in picture 2, and keep and closing it and SQUEEZE as hard as you can until the penny is completely wrapped around you penny, like in picture 3. You can get a hammer and hit were to 2 sides of the penny meet, to make sure it wont fall off.

Right now your knife looks like a dented up mess, but in the next step we will clean it all up and make it beautiful and sharp!