How to Make a 9 Doll From the Movie





Introduction: How to Make a 9 Doll From the Movie

I just made this for my son. We liked the movie 9 and he wanted a toy, I couldn't find one so we went to Hobby Lobby and made our own.

I want to apologies for not putting a load of effort in to this tutorial. I just felt like giving back to Instructables in some way.

I have other free video tutorials on just look up picturebandit or go to

Step 1:

Items that I used
Black cloth - 2$ per yard x 1 yrd
Burlap cloth - 3$ per yard x 1 yrd
Filler cotton - 3$
black thread - 2$
wood eggs - 1$
berets sm - 1$
wire - 1$
thimbles - 2$ ea
googly eyes 15mm - 1$
black zipper - 1$
2" foam egg - 1$

Step 2:

I used the thimbles to mark the size and location on a 2 inch Styrofoam egg then dug it out with a knife. Next I sewn eye brows with black thread then used 3m spray adhesive to marry the burlap to the black cloth this will give a black under tone and keep the filler from coming out. I then glued the material to the egg starting from the nose working my way back. I then cut the excess and sewed a stitch down the back of the head. Then cut a 4 way in the eye sockets and glued them in then cut a mouth area painted it black with a sharpie and filled it with hot glue.

Step 3:

with the head done I I filled the thimbles halfway with hot glue and put the googly eyes in. Then glued the thimbles in to the head. The way I figured the size ratio based on a reference photo of the actual character was 2 and a half times the size of the the head for the torso and 1 and a half for the arms and the legs. Once I have the shape of the body make 2 patters and sew them together black side out then when done flip it inside out to conceal all the nasty looking thread hitches. In addition on the side of your belly sew a zipper, My zipper is actually functional. This is where you will insert the wire frame for the body and the filler cotton. I made my body frame from cloths hanger wire and sized it up to this patter prior to sewing.
BTW this is black cloth glued to burlap with spray adhesive.

Step 4:

using a knife and hammer I split a wooden egg to use for the feet and a wooden ball to use for the hands. I then drilled a small hole and hot glued the hands and feet on. I used 3 small berets for the fingers on each hand. They open and close to hold things. When I put the wire frame in the body I just pushed the ends through the burlap into the head and out to the hands and feet. then I wrapped small stainless lacing wire several times around the neck, wrist and hands. Finally i filled the body with filler and zipped him up.

Step 5:

Final step was to add the number 9 to his back..
Hope you enjoy I know my son does and its way better then any plastic crap out there.
I mean how hard would it be to make these things out of burlap like the real thing?

Yeah it took me about 2 hours but I dont have a sewing machine. I could have been done in 20 mins.
I also have enough material to do about 3 more minus the thimbles.

Ps with the googly eyes for some reason every time I look at the little bastard its like its staring right at me!

Anyway have fun and check out my other video tutorials @

Step 6: Update Additional Photos

I had no idea this would become so popular. I have decided to add all the photos I took while making the doll. Hope you like it.
Also check out
Thanks again



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What is the inside of it made out of?

this is very cool and it looks really fun. My son has been wanting me to make him a sack boy from the game Little Big Planet. I think I will make this one first to get my feet wet. Thanks for posting.


I just love it! I want to make a big one, I wonder how much more material I need? what can I use for the frame of the eyes? I was thinking in a 24 inches one... how big is the one you make? thanks

Soooo coool.


I am blown away by this. I am hoping that you would be willing to make and sell one, i KNOW i could not create anything this wonderful and my 4 year old (!) is obsessed with the movie.

Please contact me if you would be interested!

Please can you explain the berets. I don't know what this is, and can't see from the pictures.

Thanks a lot, have to say, a brilliant project, I've been trying desperately to find something as my son is also NUTS about No. 9!


Can u make me one? My email is

to true, and i tihnk a bit more stuffing in the right places would fill it out more but overall great job! i cant tell if u did it or not but the neck is simply the head and the body with a bit of cloth inbetween with a wire wrapped around it, you can see it pretty clearly after the whole, church burned down, 1 gets "drained" scene : P