Picture of How to make a 9 Doll from the movie
I just made this for my son. We liked the movie 9 and he wanted a toy, I couldn't find one so we went to Hobby Lobby and made our own.

I want to apologies for not putting a load of effort in to this tutorial. I just felt like giving back to Instructables in some way.

I have other free video tutorials on just look up picturebandit or go to
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Step 1:

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Items that I used
Black cloth - 2$ per yard x 1 yrd
Burlap cloth - 3$ per yard x 1 yrd
Filler cotton - 3$
black thread - 2$
wood eggs - 1$
berets sm - 1$
wire - 1$
thimbles - 2$ ea
googly eyes 15mm - 1$
black zipper - 1$
2" foam egg - 1$

Step 2:

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I used the thimbles to mark the size and location on a 2 inch Styrofoam egg then dug it out with a knife. Next I sewn eye brows with black thread then used 3m spray adhesive to marry the burlap to the black cloth this will give a black under tone and keep the filler from coming out. I then glued the material to the egg starting from the nose working my way back. I then cut the excess and sewed a stitch down the back of the head. Then cut a 4 way in the eye sockets and glued them in then cut a mouth area painted it black with a sharpie and filled it with hot glue.
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Lewis720611 months ago
Loved this, I've been looking for a tutorial for one for ages: just a heads up, the official name for the dolls is 'stitchpunk'...
What is the inside of it made out of?
scanada1 year ago
this is very cool and it looks really fun. My son has been wanting me to make him a sack boy from the game Little Big Planet. I think I will make this one first to get my feet wet. Thanks for posting.
tyzei2 years ago
creamos3 years ago
I just love it! I want to make a big one, I wonder how much more material I need? what can I use for the frame of the eyes? I was thinking in a 24 inches one... how big is the one you make? thanks
kbabbage3 years ago
Soooo coool.

mlloyd33 years ago
I am blown away by this. I am hoping that you would be willing to make and sell one, i KNOW i could not create anything this wonderful and my 4 year old (!) is obsessed with the movie.

Please contact me if you would be interested!
Mommy93 years ago
Please can you explain the berets. I don't know what this is, and can't see from the pictures.

Thanks a lot, have to say, a brilliant project, I've been trying desperately to find something as my son is also NUTS about No. 9!

iamde1234 years ago
mindshockpm4 years ago
Can u make me one? My email is
to true, and i tihnk a bit more stuffing in the right places would fill it out more but overall great job! i cant tell if u did it or not but the neck is simply the head and the body with a bit of cloth inbetween with a wire wrapped around it, you can see it pretty clearly after the whole, church burned down, 1 gets "drained" scene : P
friquitaki4 years ago
I was thinking on making one, no for my seven year old son but for me, you did a great job. The movie a thrill, I love it.
Thanks for the instructable! I had to make one of these for my nephew's birthday this weekend and I used yours for inspiration. There are some figures out now for sale (which I didn't realize until I was done) but nothing beats making one from scratch. Just a note to anyone trying to make one - burlap is NOT fun to work with. My stitching was a mess, I had to do the face three times and the hot glue gun was finally dragged out to make life easier!
FFVIIBOY5 years ago
Wow this is impressive i just saw the movie on demand and it wuz pretty cool, also, why dont you make 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 and make a slideshow showin all of them cuz id like to see 5 es my favorite :)
leatherman! wich one? surge? 
I love leatherman
Excellent job!  Lucky lad you've got too with a pops like you. You might take note that you're the top Google hit for '9 doll' and they don't exist on store shelves yet.. Just saying...
Again, what a great job.
clothmancer5 years ago

Beautiful your son has a very crafty father most dads just yell at tv's im sure hes very proud

P.S i made an account just to say that :)

CristalCube5 years ago
You can try with augmented reality, to take a better look of the character that you will do.

Take a look --->

Direct to augmented reality --->

And you need to print this --->

Greetings. Esteban³.
Awesome links, thanks for posting them!!
doa_75 years ago
t look great do you think you could sell me one, pleas
thank you
rekom5 years ago
"inspiring". after making the costume of 9 for my son.
this is my next project.. .. 1-9 in true mini form!
___5 years ago
I hated that movie
Then why do you care? If you didn't enjoy it, don't comment. Spamming isn't worth it.
it wasnt spam i saw it on my bday and i was dssapointed.
___ ___5 years ago
but that was the movie, the instructables was excellent
The movie was amazing, The animation?, breathtaking. The plot?, deplorable.
indeed i just watched it it is amazing and i love me some tim burton
sAmdud35 years ago
how do you get the circular shape?
psp guy5 years ago
beat it
lint665 years ago
All I have is one question what is a beret. Like the French berets or what lol
picturebandit (author)  lint665 years ago
Really? Almost 5000 views and your the first, I don't feel to bad about that.. How is it supposed to be spelled?
Nvm I got it but thanks
etsay25 years ago
wow that looks great! i was considering making one of these too, but i could not do as good as job as you did. also i loved that movie.
Very, VERY well done! You're extremely creative and you should be proud. I know this took you by surprise, as evidenced by your, "I had no idea this would become so popular…" but you shouldn't be surprised. You're the first to write a tutorial about something everyone loves and you've done it so incredibly well! Congrats!
doa_75 years ago
it look great do you think you could sell me one, pleas thank you
only one thing wrong the legs are just wire but i can fix that hello 9 prepare to become the new stop motion star
nighguy5 years ago
a bigger zipper would be awesome. its what makes the character.
Doldrum5 years ago
Thanks so much for the instructable, I loved the movie too, this will look great on my desk :)
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