Picture of How to make a 9 volt led flashlight
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this is my first succesful (barely) attempt at electronics and soldering, so most likely if you make this it will be ten times better.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
for this you will need;

9 volt battery
1k resistor (brown black red)
2 leds
small switch


soldering iron
epoxy (i used hot glue)
metal saw

Step 2: Disassemble the battery

Picture of Disassemble the battery
Pry the metal lip back from the bottom of the battery and straighten the edges as much as possible with pliers. Carefully pull out the plastic base and save. After that the innards should slip out without much trouble. Cut the negative lead going down the side and save the connector. Save the case
(yes i did copy this step from YAN9VUSBC, after all it starts the same)

Step 3: The leds

Picture of the leds
picture 003.jpg
picture 004.jpg
picture 012.jpg
poke two holes in the bottom thing with a nail
stick the leds in the holes an hot glue them there
cross and solder the two positive led wires together and solder a wire to it
cross and solder the two negative led wires together and solder a wire to it

Step 4: Make the circuit

Picture of make the circuit
picture 007.jpg
solder the former negative 9 volt snap to the middle pin of the switch (not directly, with a wire)
solder the resister directly to a side pin on the switch (dosn't matter which)
solder the resistor the positive led wire
solder the negative led wire to the formerly positive snap

Step 5: Prepare the 9 volt case

Picture of prepare the 9 volt case
I suppose you could sand the paint off (I didn't)
cut the case to about 3/4 in long (you will probably do better than me so you could cut it smaller)
make a rectangular hole in the side with a xacto knife

Step 6: Encase it

Picture of encase it
put the circuit into the case leds first
stick the switch in the hole
fill the case with hot glue, or epoxy
put the snaps in
While the epoxy or hot glue starts to harden, cut 1/8" slots at each corner to help them fold over. When the epoxy has pretty much set up bend each edge over to close the case. Burnish or sand any sharp edges.

Step 7: Finished

Picture of Finished
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picture 024.jpg
picture 021.jpg
picture 015.jpg
picture 013.jpg
if yours looks as crappy as mine does, wrap it in duct tape
spanda52 years ago
so smarter, I can't make those thing , I just but a Solar Power 7 LED Flashlight Aluminum Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery instead, Well I should learn it carerfully so that I do it myself oneday!
twill22 years ago
so smarter, I can't make those thing , I just but a Solar Power 7 LED Flashlight Aluminum Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery instead, Well I should learn it carerfully so that I do it myself oneday!
twill22 years ago
so smarter, I can't make those thing , I just but a Solar Power 7 LED Flashlight Aluminum Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery instead, Well I should learn it carerfully so that I do it myself oneday!
aatat3 years ago
add some aluminium ronuded so the light will be more powerful
RICHLEES4 years ago
Please check www.sunwayproducts.com

Sunway has realized it in a complete flashlight in 2006.
codongolev5 years ago
I'm making one with a 3x3 led matrix... 9 times brighter, and no resistors required (3volt leds, with 3 series of 3 wired in parallel).

[[  ]   ]

top view!

I'm using a pcb I got from radioshack for a different project that I didn't use. it's pretty easy to keep one resistor an led and a button in place, but a matrix is a little more difficult.
I finished it (a while ago, actually). I actually decided on a 3x4 matrix, bringing the total to 12 leds. I have some pictures. I hate how bad pictures of flashlights always come out, but believe me, this thing is bright. I use it all the time (last night I used it to light up a rope me and my brother were tying across the creek in our backyard).
tomonto8 years ago
i found it worked better witout a resistor. and i redneck soldered(lots of duct tape)
AlexTheGreat (author)  tomonto8 years ago
that might blow out the led
correction, that will blow out the led, given time.
and with most leds, that time is about .1 seconds.
bobank5 years ago
Man, do it again, but make photos that we can see, after watching this i want to optomologist but my eyes are Ok, so it look photos are blured, get some friend or somebody more familiar with camera to make it for you,. Good luck
Or you can pay someone $30 for a finished piece. Woo-hoo!
Yea, you could, but that's pretty steep.
LED - Radioshaque - $2
Button - Old electronics - Free
Resistor - Radioshaque - $5 for a multipack
Old dead 9V - Free

Total: < $10
Making a 9 volt led flashlight? - Priceless
That was a sarcastic "woo-hoo!" It's ridiculous to pay $30 for $1 worth of parts.
Shoulda used a period instead of an exclamation point.
I know, but I like putting this info out. I made one and this is my price list.
thanks,that must be some funny gadgets,for now i didn't succeed to get the stuff in this project and make it out,so i'd like to get one comparing with these LED flashlight.

thanks the sharing.
maybe you should lower the resistor.. i used two white LEDs and a 100 ohm resistor.. it works pretty well for me.
Firebert0107 years ago
I've made something similar to this before, with a high-intensity LED that I soldered to a modified 9V casing with a 3V camera battery inside and a resistor. I used a similar type of switch that I had lying around.
sgt.paper8 years ago
i just wired me another one and it sucks its nott evan bright
Well of course it's not Evan Bright. That would be insane. From the looks at it though, it seems like it would be useful in emergencies.
sgt.paper8 years ago
hey i wired mine differnt and it works but my led like the negetive lead broke off so i have to go to radio shack heres how i wired it (ow i used one led) the postive lead on the led connectedto a half inch in legth of wire then the wire connectedto the resister the resister connected to the positive lesd on the batteiry then the negative lead on the battiery connected to a half of a half inch piece of wire to the swithch then the other length of wire conected to the swithch then conected to the negative termanil (much easier than theres)
n0ukf8 years ago
pictures in focus would make this instructable better.
tomonto8 years ago
too late
roughwire8 years ago
Ooooooh...... My first time discecting a nine volt! Intreaguing!
Indeed it is brighter - but I wasn't going to give away my good 'n bright LEDs - those cost money!
AlexTheGreat (author)  Brian Henderson8 years ago
i got mine in a pack of ten that cost $2.00