Introduction: How to Make a 9mm Para Bullet Lock Bar Stabilizer

All you need is

  • a knife with lock bar stabilizer (e.g. Strider SNG)
  • an empty 9mm bullet shell
  • a drill
  • a hacksaw

Step 1: Cut and Drill the Empty Bullet Shell

Picture of Cut and Drill the Empty Bullet Shell

  • cut the bullet shell (use a hacksaw)
  • drill a hole in the middle of the shell bottom
  • replace the original lock bar stabilizer


serial-fanboi2154 (author)2016-01-22

What does the lock bar stabilizer do?

Heartofalion72 (author)2014-08-14

Thanks! Great job on the instructable I will favorite for sure.

seamster (author)2014-08-14

Nice project, thanks for sharing! Looks like a nice fix, with a unique touch.

Heartofalion72 (author)2014-08-13

What kind of knife is that?

Strider SNG

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