#BASHTRAY is an initiative to encourage the proper disposal of cigarette butts.  As the world’s number one contributor by quantity to trash (4.5 trillion cigarette butts worldwide a year), cigarette butts are commonly discarded without regard for the environment.  Toxin-filled cigarette butts work their way into the world’s waterways primarily through storm drains that dump into our streams, lakes and oceans. 

#BASHTRAY helps to reduce the amount of improper cigarette disposal by engaging the person to voice their opinion by ashing one of the two options presented to them.  With fully customizable options to fit the individual location, #BASHTRAY can adapt to any circumstance (and newsworthy topic) to raise the level of engagement for the users.

Step 1: Materials

Physical things you need:

12x24 Sheet of 1/8" basswood
12x24 Sheet of 1/8" clear acrylic
Double sided mounting tape (or your preferred method of mounting)
Acrylic adhesive (specifically for  adhering acrylic)
90 degree corner clamps (if you really want to get precise)
Laser Cutter (we used a 12x24 bed)

Digital things you need:

Adobe Photoshop (or other photo editing software)
Adobe Illustrator
Some images! (illustrator files and JPGs are attached at the end of this instructable)
<p>looks like mostly democrat smokers... can i assume mostly democrat litterers also?</p>
You may open, view, read, convert and even recover illustrator files with illustrator .ai fix<br> <br> <a href="http://www.illustrator.fixtoolboxx.com" rel="nofollow">http://www.illustrator.fixtoolboxx.com</a>
I love it! Innovative way to get people to stop littering our cities!
Very nice ible!<br> <br> Well documented and illustrated and I like the stats about cigarette butt&nbsp;pollution.<br> <br> Unfortunately, I don't own a Laser Cutter, however, I am lucky enough to have an open access&nbsp;work space&nbsp;(hacker space) near me in Denver Colorado (USA) called <a href="http://www.clubworkshop.com/" rel="nofollow">Club Workshop</a>.<br> <br> <a href="http://www.clubworkshop.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=62&Itemid=66" rel="nofollow">Club Workshop</a> has an&nbsp;Epilog Laser Cutter &amp; Engraver available for use by visitors.<br> <br> These types of spaces are becoming more and more common, especially in larger metropolitan areas in the United States and elsewhere making a project like this much more feasible to many people (like me)!<br> <br> Thanks again for doing such a great job!
You could also use a magnifying glass to burn an image into the wood?
Thanks for checking it out! Club Workshop sounds great, there are similar places in NYC as well. <br> <br>We're also implementing a &quot;do it at home&quot; version of the #BASHTRAY using iron-on transfer paper and tiles you can buy at any hardware store. <br> <br>We'll be updating the instructable and the blog soon :)
Oh its an ash tray? I thought it was for tips or business cards or something.
It's an ashtray that is placed on the facade of buildings, to prevent the littering of cigarette butts on the street and sidewalks.
so is a butt a vote for or a vote against?
It's a vote against! The act of putting out your cigarette on a candidate's face is the &quot;bashing&quot; part of the bashtray.
thats osum. no litter way to diss candidates
Oh, that's very clever! These should go up everywhere with a variety of today's issues; world, national &amp; local! Wow, this could become a movement!! Reduce toxic litter &amp; create awareness. &quot;World Bashtray Day - Let Your Voice Be Heard With Your Butt!!&quot; LOL 5 Stars here!!
That's definitely what we're trying to do! We want to make it easy enough for people to make their own #BASHTRAYs with any topic that they find engaging or important in their own communities. <br> <br>That's why we're also implementing a &quot;do it at home&quot; version with iron-on transfer paper and tiles you can find at any home improvement store. We're going to update the blog and this instructable soon with all the details. <br> <br>We really think that by making this fun, we can decrease the number of cigarette butts that are littered in all kinds of public places. <br> <br>:)
Thats awesome!
congratulations, I vote with 5 stars this Instructable. you've got a really good idea, and then it works very well! :D
Love it! I used to clean up sports parks as a teenager. I HATE cigarette butts.
This is awesome, I love it. Cigarette butts are really overlooked, american spirits encourage throwing the butts at least.
Great idea and great execution! This is hilarious!!
Such a smart idea !

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