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Introduction: How to Make a BAT-signal

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Today we are going to learn how to make a BAT-signal to call the batman !!

So let's go !

Step 1: Stuff Needed.

To make this light we need :

A cardboard pipe ø 30 cm is a good size but the first objective is to make this props with reclamation stuff. so if you can find an other size it's also cool !

Important mention : during this tutorial, i will not give the precise sizes because you can adapt the size of the build with the size of the cardboard pipe base

Wood Glue

Spray contact glue

Eva foam : 3 and 5 mm thickness


A Tab saw ( don't know if it's the right word >< )


MDF also called Medium wood : 6 mm thickness

Sintra PVC.

Cleat and stick wood

Step 2: Salvage a Cardboard Pipe and Cut Wood Circles

First step : salvage a cardboard pipe : there is no required size !! the build is based on the cardboard pipe you can find ! big or small no matter !

step 2 : cut wood circles.


You have to measure the EXTERNE diameter and INTERNE diameter of your cardboard pipe

You need 1 circle cut at the EXTERNE DIAMETER SIZE

and 2 circle cut at the INTERNE DIAMETER SIZE

When you have your circle you have to re-cut in the circle to get a ring - you can choose the size of the little circle in the circle.

Hope it's understandable ><

Now glue the largest ring on the cardboard pipe using the wood glue. Believe me it's will be verry strong.

Let dry during 24h00.

Then, as you can see on the picture, we will glue a second wood ring IN THE cardboard pipe.

I use a strip of wood cut to put a space between the two rings


IMPORTANT do not discard the scrap wood. we will use them later !

Now take the measure between the second ring and the bottom of the carboard pipe. Cut 4 strip of wood with 1 centimer witness. and glue them. see PIC N°3

Step 3: Make the Base

The pedestal is made with the scrap wood of previous wood ring PICTURE 1

Use the wood cleat to make the "U" part which will be articulate with a simple bolt.

I've made a quick plan to explain how to make the "U" wood part i hope it's clear enough.

So now go to step 3 which is clearly the best part of the build : DETAILS !!!!

Step 4: Make the Details !

We need the contact glue in spray and EVA foam ( 3 and 5 mm thickness )

Spray the cardboard pipe and a strip of EVA foam ( size equal "perimeter of cardboard pipe" x "height of cardboard pipe" )

Wait 10 min and glue them together.

Now you are totally free, you can make all the details you want ! just few things :

You can glue the details with

- contact glue

- Hot glue

- Super Glue ( i use loctite 401 ) Super glue is the best solution : very strong - very precise - and very neat. Just be careful because it can glue your skin !!

Once you have glued all the details, you have to cover the lamp with EVA glue ( or wood glue ) to protect the foam and get a smooth effect.

Step 5: Piece Together the Different Parts.

Use a big bolt to set the cardboard pipe on the wood "U".

The lamp is now articulate !!!

You can now cut a transparent PVC circle and cut the notch see on picture 7

You can also cut the BAT-logo in SINTRA PVC.

You can chose any BATMAN LOGO.

On pic number 8 you can see the last wood circle. it will close the lamp and maintain the socket with the buld.

On picture 5 you can see a STEEL BAT LOGO - it's was just a try ( i've used the bat logo for an other projtect ;) )

Step 6: Last Step : Make a Socket and Bulb and Paint Job.

Here you can see the finished product.

Go to the next step to see more tricks and tips ;)

Step 7: Tricks and Tips

1 - As you can see i've used foil paper inside the cardboard pipe. Not sure if it's a good idea !

the foil paper heighten the number of light refraction that has for effect to make the projection of the logo blurred.

2 - The eight of the cardboard paper is important too. if the cardboard pipe is big you can use a better bulb

3 - Here I used a common light bulb that illuminates at 360°. I think it's better to use a directional spot light to accentuate the projection of the logo.

4 - Maybe use LED light !

5 - for the paint job if you don't know how to proceed here a quick explication.

A : 1 layer of black paint and let it dry for 24h00

B : then brush the edges of details and lamp with silver paint. Let id dry

C : Add white splatter with a knife painting.

If you are not friendly with wood work you can easily make the "u" part with PVC pipe. you are free to customsize any part or steps.

Et voilà ;)

Hope you enjoy it !

Don't forget to be forgiving with me , i'm a poor french guy and it's difficult to explain how i've made it in english.

I've try to do my best to be understandable.

Feel free to ask me advice if you want to make your own Bat-signal ;)

Step 8: The Projection.

As you notice i'm challenger in the "make it glow challenge"

so here some pics of the bat-signal projection.

Now you can call the batman !!



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