How to Make a BLT





Introduction: How to Make a BLT

These are instructions on how to make a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich.

Step 1: Prepare

Get all your ingredients nearby and one of hte most important steps is to make sure you have a sharp knife. It's so important to have a properly sharp knife that I include a picture to remind you to sharpen your knife.

Step 2: Food Prep

Put the pan on the stove on medium to cook your bacon. We choose butcher shop bacon as it has a lot less grease in the end. Much cleaner.

Cut the tomatoes. We've chosen an heirloom "German Striped Tomato" grown from seeds from Johnny's Seeds. Slice them thick - you only want one slice. The tomato is the most important part of the BLT.

Lettuce is from the store, as we didn't grow lettuce this year. Normal iceburg lettuce is the choice. If it's not crunchy, it's not good, don't use it.

The bread is from the local bakery. Fresh cut right before it goes into the toaster. Toast lightly, enough to get it crisp and lightly brown.

The mayo is Hellman's Mayonaisse. If you don't have it in your area, use something high quality.

Step 3: Assemble!

Put it all together. Generally, you go from cold to hot, but I wanted the bacon to not slide too much, so I put it in the mayo tonight. It also liquifies the mayo just a little more, making it slide around into the other ingredients.

Step 4: Cut and Serve

Cut the sandwich on the diagonal, then serve. In this case, I'm serving both sandwiches on the same plate with a few sliced cucumber, also from the garden. When serving, it's usually best to use toothpicks to keep the stacks together. Warn your guests that there are toothpicks.



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    I love a bit of avocado on my blt, and a bit of swiss. Good call on toasting the bread, as well. 200X better.

    1 reply

    Excellent tip! Avacado & Swiss!

    I grew up not eatting bacon. I didn't know what a blt was till a few weeks ago :P

    1 reply

    Striped German tomatoes are supposed to be that color and they were, in fact, delicious. The Striped German actually has a little spiciness to it, very subtle, but tasty. And always better served cool.

    That's weird. I'm growing yellow cherry tomatoes in my backyard. They don't turn red. They're yellow/gold. There really good. There sort of sweet. But then we grow some regular tomatoes. Chop em' up, put them into a bowl with mayo, salt, and pepper and it's deleicous

    Where did you get that frying pan!?

    1 reply

    I believe I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond. It is several years old now and due to be replaced soon. It's not completely flat anymore.

    I just learned how to make homemade involves oil...the oil can be substituted with lard or Crisco or any thing of the theoretically bacon grease can be used to make BACON BREAD. Add crumbled bacon for added flavor and texture. I have not tried this yet, but I will try it some time soon. Now if I could only figure out how to make bacon mayonnaise and bacon lettuce, I could make a bacon sandwich on bacon bread with bacon condiments.

    1 reply

    Oink bread! My family's made that before. It make's bomb crutons! Cut the loaf into cubes and put it in the toaster oven.


    A fancy-arsed BLT recipe I found elsewhere (don't recall where) involved adding thin cold slices of high-quality water-packed mozzarella (which is a very nice addition) and spiked-up mayo, which involved about a cup of mayo, several cloves of fresh garlic (do NOT skimp...there's no such thing as "too much garlic"), a bit of lemon juice, and a healthy puff of cayenne pepper, all whirled around thoroughly in a food processor. VERY tasty.

    mmm, one of the simplest recipes is always the best great instructable...

    I like the light toasted bread~so you don't hurt the roof of your mouth~real mayo~tomatoes from the garden~I only eat turkey bacon now, though~have a great day!~please check out my buddy info at


    My sister taught me this sandwich when we were kids, but we put Swiss cheese on 'em and they were called baconlettucetomatomayonnaiseandswisscheese sandwiches. I didn't learn the name BLT until I was in high school. ~try it with Swiss!

    I favour that people who can manage to post (or read) an instructable know how to put B, L & T together in a sandwich... However, I would recommend Encona hot pepper sauce to this combination.

    that instrument you've pictured with the knife isn't a sharpener. It's used to fix a bent over blade. If the blade turns into a hook shape, that will straighten it back out, not sharpen it. ...just saying...

    1 reply

    Sorry, have to disagree. A good sharpening steel keeps a knife sharp. If the knife is very dull it won't work but for a slightly dull knife it is a wonder when used properly.