People, I first want to tell you that due to the fact that these weapons contain very few design flaws, the International police have made it illegal in almost every country; Including Australia, the U.K. and America. So I'm putting this on in case you find that you may require one (to get back at buggers, keep bullies at bay etc.). but nonetheless: Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! I present to you the Epitome in weapons; the Butterfly knife!

P.S. First, don't whine to me if somebody gets hurt or killed with my product. you killed 'em so it's your fault.
second, no whining to me to remove them, they're legal in lots of countries and if you're not happy with that; go and join your emo convent. its ok if you just tell me that its illegal in your country ( IF YOUR NICE ILL GIVE YOU SOME TIPS ON HOW TO KEEP IT.).

P.P.S. any suggestions are fully welcome and encouraged. I would love to see the community get creative (even if it is by exploiting one of the most dangerous weapons ever).

Step 1: Making the Handle, Basic Outline

To make the handle is to doe the hardest bit. Since this weapon is custom, measure your hands and cut two half-handles appropriate to said size plus 5 mm or a bit more.
Awesome! I think I'm gonna try to make a Balisong style pen... Like the one&nbsp;<a href="http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/cubegoodies/b6e6/" rel="nofollow">here.</a>&nbsp;I'm in the U.S. so it's illegal to have butterfly knife :(
Only in some states
theres a red spy in the base
Check out mine
Are these knifes legal in Australia?
Balisong knives are illegal but a bali-sword is not (a knife is considered to have a blade lengh of less than 15&quot; according to customs)
how did you use tin foil to make this knife?
hey, anyone that's under fifteen, i want to make this really bad, but i don't know how they would act if i made one. My dad likes things that are classics, even if they are weapons, but i don't know about how he would react to something that has a lot of debates on it's legalness. and i don't want to make it behind their backs cuz then i'd feel guilty and get in a lot of trouble if they found i made a knife and hid it from them. WHAT SHOULD I DO? i don't want anyone giving me crap, but any help would be really nice.
$10 would buy you a real one...
found pre sharpened high qualyty ones for 25<br>
Balisongs have been strictly banned only in the states of Massachusetts and California, though it is popularly believed that they are banned in the entire United States. They were almost made illegal in the state of Oregon, but a 1980s court case argued that using a butterfly knife required skill, and that removed them from the &quot;Gravity Weapons&quot; list in the state of Oregon.<br /> <br /> Oregon is my home state, I know you should acquire a Concealed carry permit JUST&nbsp;IN&nbsp;CASE.<br /> <br /> Ohio it's ok for open carry (You need a sheath or some method of open carry)<br /> <br /> OR<br /> <br /> Concealed (With a permit)<br /> <br /> &nbsp; Very shaky topic, if you live in the US, Legislation is trying to limit Americans in terms of Arms. If you're from the UK there's not a &quot;Bloody Chance&quot; You'll use one without hiding it. (Outlawed)<br />
in IL i went to my local mall just yesterday and found that a store sell all types of knives saw bailsongs swichblades atou side oping things and something take looks like brass knukules but cover ur whole hand and has blades on it<br>
From what I&nbsp;just read, you're better off not doing it..I got arrested for using a &quot;Psuedo-song&quot; (Fake Balisong) and that's when I did more research regarding the shape and psychological reaction to it (DAMN&nbsp;YOU&nbsp;ACTION&nbsp;MOVIES) and eventually, the legality and arguments on both sides.<br /> <br /> Carrying one is placing yourself in the ULTIMATE&nbsp;$HIT$TORM<br />
hey, I turned 15 a few months ago, and I know you commented over a year ago but I still feel like advising :D makes me feel like I know stuff. Anyway, if you haven't already taken action, my advice would be too start off by asking to make a non sharpened, wooden practice one first (there's an 'ible on it), show it to your parents, learn a few tricks, demonstrate that you can be safe with it. and then ask to make a real one. basically, a lot of positive reinforcement regarding the innocence of your intentions should do the trick. If your not making it to hurt anyone, and know how to be safe with it, then they should let you make one. gud luk <br />
ya, I don't think i have time to make one any more.&nbsp; I got too much crap to take care of.&nbsp; My life's gotten busier since last year.<br />
soo, just tell him about the history of the balisong knife, you say he like classics...<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balisong_(knife)">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balisong_(knife)</a><br/>
i am not giving you crap... this is what i realy think. what is the fun of being a teenage boy withought any mischief. if i were you i would make it ignoring what you parents would do
Great point.
make one with a dull blade and say its for tricks =] <br/>
should i tell him so that he can help me make it? or should i make it myself and then tell him? Thanks for helping ouy, by the way
depends, i dont know what kind of person you are. if you usually tell your parents about your projects do so now to, you dont do anything wrong, do you? anyway, i always tell what im going to do in front of building it
i always make the thing b4 asking. then either hide it or show them depending on wot they say. if u feel gilty then give it 2 a hobo.
my parents let me build stuff but not dangerous stuff but i make it anyway
alright. thanks. i'll do that.
Ask them
o, ya
legally, you can have it in your place of residence and you are allowed to transport it from one location to another, so long as it is in a case or something of the sort.
my parents dont let me hav knives or anything like that but they let me make stuff, so ur parents myt 2... any way the balisong knife is an all time classic weapon so ur dad'll almost definataly let u make or buy 1.
uhuh. thanks for the advice
i dont think their illegal to have at home you just cant have them out in public
what did u make it out of??????????/
sorry i was late in relpying. I have a crap I-net connection. that one above is made out of tin foil. but my real knife is mild steel
lol tin foil?
I found that a old saw blade works grate and its high carbon steel.<br />
Very awesome. these instructions are great. ive been looking for a training (non sharp balisong knife to practice with. this info will help me make my own. thansk alot.<br /> <br /> <a href="http://springassistedknives.net" rel="nofollow">Spring Assisted Knives</a><br />
I agree with almost all the comments placed about this topic. BUUUUUTT....<br /> Here's how I handle it:<br /> -Don't tell your parents (they'll say no to you anyway)<br /> -do it in secret whilst making another project (stealth tactics ;)<br /> -keep the bali' away from the public eye (an improvised weapon is useless in a fight and unreliable in a cutting situation)<br /> -use it to train in the backyard when parent's aren't looking.<br /> -final step: Ignore all that. lolz, joking, but please, try not to make your bali's public, or they'll get you in trouble and I'll end up getting in trouble and before you know it, a police station will have a raigun-round in it's side (of my doing).<br /> also, if you wanna train to have a real bali' GET a real bali'. the weight training in homemade versions isn't like a real knife.<br /> <br /> all things stated above work well for fire twirling aswell.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> finally, YOU SAW NOTHING...XP<br /> <br />
Hey, is this knife Sandwich constructed? <br />
i made one... i didn't take anyones idea or anything.. this one is o.k...but you should check mine out. they are illegal and im in the us... but i dont think im gunna get caught.
&nbsp;Nice job. Mine's more of a &quot;found materials&quot; version of yours though. sot of<br /> <br /> I'd recommend making your instructable a little more detailed. sure some things can be left to common sense, but following the directions all I have is four handles and a blade.<br />
what did you use to make the rut.
&nbsp;Radial arm saw set with a LOT of leeway for the blade. recommend you use a dremel-router thingy
this is a good design but can you give more details about the tools needed. it would be really helpful.
&nbsp;I used a jigsaw and a 5mil drill bit with a hand drill. I recommend you use a presision bandsaw and drill-press. much more effective.
make this&nbsp;and then try out to be as skillful as the spy in TF2<br /> <br /> <br /> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnuYi-nzE90<br /> <br /> Look at the time of 1.53<br /> <br /> Forget about all the other parts&nbsp;&nbsp;
does it lock when you have the blade out?
um no its wood... wait no rubber band around the handels...
lol I couldn't care less about legal or not. A question for you valkiraun: how did you make the tang? you kinda skipped over that part. I have been toying around these past few days since I first saw this instructable, and I have tried alot... the only thing I can think of is a tang attatched to the blade...
Just make the tang while cutting out the blade.

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