Picture of How to make a Bamboo Lacrosse Shaft
There are titanium, aluminum, scandium, and wood shafts. Now...the bamboo shaft!

Of course one is not usually going to play with this in a game, but it has a little bit of extra weight to practice with and build up muscle strength.

This obviously does not have the strength of metal shafts, but it has feel and weight to improve your game.

  • I am not liable for splinters caused by broken bamboo shafts. I do not recommend using this in games, just for use in practice with little contact. It is perfect for your shot practicing.

BUT, it will definitely turn some heads and make you popular!

Lets get started.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Here is what you will need:

  • A piece of dried bamboo. From 32-36" long. I used a 36" piece, just because I can always cut it down if it feels too long. But remember, there are restrictions. Typically, the rules state that an Attackmen/Midfield shaft should be 40-42", but I feel that it is too long.
  • Lacrosse head of course STX, Warrior, Brine, Gait/Debeer
  • A Screw for the head and shaft Screw $0.50
  • Butt End AKA End Cap End Cap $3.00 a pack
  • Saw
  • Dremel Tool
  • Spray Paint
  • Electrical tape or painters tape

Step 2: Choosing your bamboo

Picture of Choosing your bamboo
As you are choosing your piece of bamboo, you want a piece that has a long portion that is extremely straight.

You can usually tell if the width of the shaft is good, by the bottom of the rod. Slide the bottom of the rod onto the head and see if it fits snugly. This is extremely important, because if it does not fit snugly, then it will not be very functional as a lacrosse stick.

Try not to go for the moldy piece of bamboo. Make sure it strong, and light. Well, as light as you can get it. It will be cut down.
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brilliant9998 months ago

We are manufactuer of bambo products and we want to make bamboo lacrosse shaft and stick.some body send me sample of shaft and stick if he want i will pay the charges thanks your answer is help for us

Thanks for sharing this blog.I like this blog very much. really such an nice and decent information shared here with awesome stuff.
freeza363 years ago
I have a Maverik H2 Scandium Titanium defense stick. It is beast. Has a brine encore head.
pimpin M 4 years ago check out my friends lax blog
yomama1236 years ago
where r u from?????? im from florida and there an attack or middys stick is 30'
dpr yomama1234 years ago
its universally the same
the shaft yes, over all 40-42
dpr4 years ago
brine finalizer is where its at
jlann5 years ago
this is the hardest part for sure
LaxLuvr6 years ago
Sweet! how tough is it?
Dirk5 LaxLuvr6 years ago
tough enough to take a face off I just used mine in a game... and i also put a piece of copper tubing in myn for stability
jlann Dirk55 years ago
did the officials actualy let you use it in game??
jlann5 years ago
this is awesome.. i made a few short poles and one long, the long worked pretty decent actualy haha
austink1235 years ago
Would this work for a long pole or would it break?
Brennn10 (author)  austink1235 years ago
It isn't sturdy enough. You know how when you cut a piece of bamboo down, it is tough to lift it up and all that?
this is sweet
if you buy some nice bamboo and finish it with oil, the stick could be very strong, nice instructable, i play lacrosse now
nfLAX6 years ago
um i play long pole and whrer can i get bamboo like home depot? nice instructable though also for anyone else trying making a stick out of a tree ill probaly make an instructable for it some time
Brennn10 (author)  nfLAX6 years ago
I actually found this bamboo in my back yard. I let it dry, and then used it. I bet you can find it somewhere in a wooded area. It grows like crazy!
turtleshane6 years ago
what if the bamboo doesn't fit? how would you make it thicker? I was thinking a wooden ring would suffice, but idk if it would work.
Hey i made a LaX group and added ur instructable.
Neat! Thanks!
OhWheelie6 years ago
Will this really make me popular?
schmidtty6 years ago
does anyone else have a warrior villian?
ive got a maverik wonderboy shaft and a custom strung warrior evolution 2.0 head. by the way, there is a really cooltalon butt end that is ten bucks. I might have to try this when I get some bamboo.
evolution 2.0 is the best i love mine.
Brennn10 (author)  fireandshadows7 years ago
Neat, my brother has a Wonderboy. I use the original Titan Pro, and my backup is a Scandium. I have a Profile and a Proton Power.
LaxLuvr6 years ago
is this legal to use in a game
Brennn10 (author)  LaxLuvr6 years ago
To tell you the truth, I am not sure. I probably would not take any chances with it.
lax rocks6 years ago
i made one of a pine branch anc it rocked
ledzep5677 years ago
i have a the brine Edge and F-15 in defense ofcourse. i dont think this would work too well for a defense shaft. does it flex at all when you shoot? more importantly, have you broken it yet?
Brennn10 (author)  ledzep5677 years ago
It flexes a little bit when I shoot, but I am not planning on trying it in a game.
yea, if an offensive stick flexes i wouldn't advise using it in a game haha i blew my mesh for the second time in 2 weeks. and im not talking about the sidewall string, there literally a hole in the mesh. and i started doing an instructable on stringing a lacrosse head.
Awesome great job, i just started lacrosses and im trying to get my friend in it i have a brine 6000 series with a Brine head for free.(obviously a beginner stick) I have a second Brine head but no shaft perfect match. (Bamboo By far is my Fav Building material)
Thornburg7 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Im rollin with a warrior levitation with a brine clutch with a rock-it pocket. I play middie and it it is super light and still withstands hard checks. Its a great stick.
Brine Answer right???? Sick head. I made a stick out of a old broom stick one time and the solid wood hurt SO much. lol. Nice job im gunna make one of those bamboo sticks now.
did you dye the head yourself? sweet instructable by the way. +1
Brennn10 (author)  fireandshadows7 years ago
Yea I died it a while ago. Thanks!
austin7 years ago
seem like it would not hold up for a d-shaft but i bet it works great for midi or attack
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