Picture of How to make a Basic Claymation
This instructable will teach you how to make a basic and easy claymation.

Step 1: Things you will need

Picture of Things you will need
1 digital camera or camcorder

2 spools of wire (1 thin/1 thick)

tool to cut wire

at least 2 blocks of clay

1 spool of tape
estonianmk7 years ago
i was wondering, can you use windows movie maker?
Yes you can, but unfortunatly its not ment to flash photos even over 10 fps so windows movie maker will constantly freeze and the videos will be of poor quality.
i made a claymation with moviemaker and it came out alright. it would have come out better if the camera wasnt crap
Oh yes, I can totally understand having a low quality or wobbly cammera. It't very annoying.
silverwolff (author)  estonianmk7 years ago
it is possible to put the pictures in a slide show format on WMM, but it might be difficult, because you would have to alter the speed of every picture. Instead I would recommend just looking for a free stopmotion software on google. If you cant find any, you can try wmm.
xMIKEABx5 years ago
in school we used wmm to make a claymation... theres a setting somewhere to change the speed of every photo so u only need to do it once
Trainguyxx6 years ago
ah, to bad, I'm fully against macs and the "i" thingy...ill go with CapnTac's idea XD
CapnTac7 years ago
Simpler way alert! Get a cheap webcam (but not too too cheap, I got a 50 dollar one) and download THIS: http://www.clayanimator.com/english/stop_motion_animator.html
It is free, but only works with webcams I think.
What's with the pictures? Better pictures would definitely be appreciated, but it's a good idea.
mrmath7 years ago
do you have any example videos that you created using this technique?