How to make a Bath Bunny (or Terrycloth Rabbit)

Picture of How to make a Bath Bunny (or Terrycloth Rabbit)
A Bath Bunny is a cute little rabbit made from a washcloth, some ribbon or rubber bands, and a small bar of soap. Not only are they decorative, they are convenient as your soap and washcloth are right there together (if you can bear to take the little fella apart).

The Bath Bunny in this tutorial is an uncommon variation of the BooBoo Bunny made to hold a small square object in it's "tummy". They make great inexpensive gifts for ladies and children and can hold any item of similar size to the bar of soap mentioned in the next section. What will you do with your Bath Bunny? The sky is the limit!
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Step 1: Gathering Materials

Picture of Gathering Materials
You are going to need...

1) A wash cloth.
These can be any color or quality but should be at least a normal-sized washcloth or they may be too small.

2) A small wrapped bar of soap no bigger than two by three inches.

The wrapping part is important as it keeps the soap clean and dry and helps make the bunny more colorful. Other items you could use instead of soap include tins of candy or mints, plastic eggs, small bars of candy (tapped together if too small), small boxes of chocolate or anything you can think of that is around the size of the soap bar mentioned. It does not have to be exact, though it should be at least one by two inches.

3) Rubber bands and/or ribbon (not pictured).

The ribbon should be no more than a half inch wide and should not have wires. Small rubber bands such as the kind found in office supplies or used on hair work better than large ones here, though should not be used at all if the bunny will be kept somewhere moist like a bathroom as the rubber will be eaten away by time and water.

The materials pictured in this project were found at a local discount store and cost me a total of $0.90 a bunny to make. Look for mutlipacks of soap and washcloths and search in discount bins for inexpensive craft ribbons and rubber bands.
Lovely! Thanks for sharing!
sunshiine4 years ago
I love giving gifts like this. It looks great and adds the homemade look!  I will make some of these.  So fun!
Apollo29476 years ago
Very cool i should do that for a christmas gift
cordelya6 years ago
I make those from time to time, but for a slightly different purpose. I give them to new moms, to be used as "Boo-boo Bunnies", because the opening in the body is just the right size for an ice cube.
planethalia6 years ago
Good alternative to buying a loofah every few months!
Babyshoes6 years ago
Cool! I like. If I end up making more of 'my' version of these I may document and post it - I do one with the soap completely enclosed, so it is basically the 'head' part of the bunny.
lamoxlamae (author)  Babyshoes6 years ago
Interesting. Are those the kind in which you basically are making a big bunny head or is it something different?
Yep, a big bunny head. As I said, next time I need to make some I will take photos...
ChrysN6 years ago
Cute bunny, that would be nice in the guest bathroom.
lamoxlamae (author)  ChrysN6 years ago
My mom used to do that, keeping her bunny displayed with the decorative soaps. :)