Step 3: Step 2

Starting at the not flat outer edge created by folding the corners in, roll the edge inwards towards the center. Repeat this on the other side.

You should get something looking similar to the picture. It does not have to be perfect! Just roll it as tightly and evenly as you can.
Lovely! Thanks for sharing!
I love giving gifts like this. It looks great and adds the homemade look!&nbsp; I will make some of these.&nbsp; So fun!<br />
Very cool i should do that for a christmas gift
I make those from time to time, but for a slightly different purpose. I give them to new moms, to be used as "Boo-boo Bunnies", because the opening in the body is just the right size for an ice cube.
Good alternative to buying a loofah every few months!
Cool! I like. If I end up making more of 'my' version of these I may document and post it - I do one with the soap completely enclosed, so it is basically the 'head' part of the bunny.
Interesting. Are those the kind in which you basically are making a big bunny head or is it something different?
Yep, a big bunny head. As I said, next time I need to make some I will take photos...
Cute bunny, that would be nice in the guest bathroom.
My mom used to do that, keeping her bunny displayed with the decorative soaps. :)

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