Forecast for today.. a COOOOOOLD FREEZE!.. Mr. Freeze that is.

Materials: i got many of these things at thrift stores, garage sales, discount stores, etc.

-black shoes/boots

-baseball shin guards (thrift store $4)

-black leggings

-black longsleeve tshirt

-blue shorts (found women’s bathing suit shorts)

-batman belt

-street hockey chest pad

-soccer shin guards

-red glasses

-white face paint

-blue duct tape

-blue paint

-silver paint




-touch light

-aquarium tubes

-large clear wine bucket

-toy gun

-large container (Thrift store, to be used as backpack)

-miscellaneous details such as bottle caps, computer parts, lights, buttons, wires, odd contraptions. Basically anything to look like a futuristic machine



Put on your shoes, tights, shorts over tights, black shirt. *on the shoes, we put some blue tape on the shoes to make them more “freeze”-like.

SHINS (image 1)

We used baseball shin guards and painted them silver and blue for contrast to the black leggings. I just use the natural shapes and details of the guards to determine what to paint.

BELT (image 2)

took the Batman belt and spray painted it silver. it was too short for my friend to wear so i added a belt to extend it’s length.
So sorry, the costume is not for sale any longer. I am currently making a new version that will,be uploaded soon. Consider trying to make the build. It's not bad at all
Hey is the costume still for sale ?
<p>Where did you get the piece of styrofoam piece?</p>
I honestly jus had it laying around from something.. if need be, i guess you could technically go to a craft store and buy a wedge of styrofoam.. but it'd probably be just easier to ask around. maybe even ask at an electronic store if they have a wedge of strofoam that they were gonna throw out.
Love it. Going to a weekend party as batman villains and I'm mr freeze. Got some great ideas from you. Thanks mate
<p>awesome! would love to see your rendition. feel free to post them up</p>
<p>Awesome costume!</p>
thank you!

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