Easily one of my most favorite Batman Story lines. Jason Todd comes back to life after being killed by the Joker and is PISSED.

*special note: The helmet will be form fitting to your entire head. Caution to those who are claustrophobic

Since this time, i have made a few adjustments to this build. the new and improved Red hood tutorial can be found here


- military boots

-card board

-comic book cardboard, or poster board

-black gloves


-black belt with flat square silver belt buckle

-black pants

-grey fitted track jacket

- black/brown leather motorcycle jacket

-reflective sunglasses

-hair net

-black fabric


- hockey mask

-door hinge

- door hook latch

-fake handguns


-plastic masquerade mask

-black face paint

Step 1: Clothes + Gloves

Put on track jacket, black leather jacket, pants and belt. Tuck the pant legs into the boots.

For the gloves, cut a rectangle piece of cardboard and cover it with your comic book cardboard or poster board and hot glue it to the glove. you can do this also to the boots.

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how did you make it so perfectly round? if you could, please go in depth on attaching the cardboard and how you glued it all up it'd help a bunch 8D
<p>I just used sandpaper at varying grits to get it smooth. Keep sanding, then ad more bonds, and repeat til u get the look u want. For attaching the cardboard, glue the mask onto the front of the crown. Then start adding cardboard to the sides and then the back til your whole head is encased. There's no real exact method I used except to just encase my head. The bondo will make it smooth. Think of he cardboard as a skeleton only</p>
and thanks
and thanks
<p>Do you live anywhere near Milwaukee? I am having a few problems with this and I really like how you got yours looking. I understand if you don't want to tell me where exactly but I need some help and am hoping you can help me. Also could you make a youtube video on how to do this. I feel that I'm doing everything wrong.</p>
<p>hello! so first things first, i used a cheap halloween hockey mask.. like maybe $5 at most? unfortch i don't have video of it being done.. i am in chicago also. maybe a drive isn't needed, but I'm happy to help via Skype. email me at Spicypandacreations@gmail.com if interested =)</p>
<p>what paint did you use?</p>
<p>i used a regular red spray paint and then went over it again with an acrylic metalic red</p>
Hi, I'm planning on making a red hood too... I gotta say yours is pretty awesome... I saw online different types of bondo... exactly which once did you use? I've never used it before... I didn't even know what bondo was until I read your instructions lol. thank you
<p>totally sorry, i missed this comment. thanks for the compliment. i just use the car filler one.. its just the ordinary looking one? it should come in a blackish paint can with a picture of a car on it. </p>
for the bondo, do you need a hardener in it?
<p>yes. the hardener comes in a toothpaste like tube. scoop some grey out onto something scrap, and then add a little bit of the hardener, and you are good to go</p>
I am confused about one thing. Where did you get the hard back in step 4
<p>step 3E says to cut the helmet in half (vertically), so that way you have a front and a back piece before you bondo both parts. . hopefully that answers both of your questions? </p>
There is one thing I am confused about. Where did you get the back of the helmet in step 5
<p>Hi, i am really interested in following your instrucrable, but I am really lost at the cardboard step, did you heat the cardboard to bend into the mask's shape? Also I am really confused on how you use the bondo</p>
<p>Hello! you dont need to heat cardboard. just bend it with your hands. You are only hot gluing it onto the mask so that it can be a skeleton. Bondo is very simple to use. it comes in a paint can and looks like grey hummus. There is a tube of red hardener that comes with the tin of bondo. just scoop out maybe 2 tablespoons of the grey bondo onto some spare cardboard, add a little amount of red hardener to the 2 tablesppons of grey bondo and mix together.. then spread it onto your helmet.. it will start to harden in about 1-2 minutes.. the more red stuff you add, the more quickly the mixture gets hard. </p>
<p>Hello! I'm a beginner to creating masks, and have been planing to cosplay Red Hood for quite some time now. I'm kinda on a budget of about $30. I'm just curious, since I'm new to this Bondo thing. &quot;Would Bondo Reinforced Glass Filler&quot; work for hardening the mask? And also, what if I were to make the whole mask out of cardboard without some kind of hockey mask base; would the front part be weaker?</p>
<p>hello! always appreciate a red hood fan. ok, so you are on a budget of $30. even if it is a little more, you wont use the whole can of bondo.. and you can use it eventually for other future projects. You &quot;might&quot; be able to use a cheaper substitution than bondo, like spackle.. but no promises on my end that it will work out the same... hmm.. i dont know about the glass filler.. you are looking for Body filler.. not glass.. its usually at a home depot or walmart even.. and you could do it without the hockey mask. it was just used to make things easier.. You would essentally be making the whole base out of cardboard and then using bondo over the entire thing.. it will be hard (even without the hockey mask) once the bondo dries. hope that helps! </p>
<p>quick question, how much bondo did you use for the helmet? </p>
<p>honestly, i dont know.. i just slathered it on until i was satisfied/ couldnt see any more cardboard. Bondo comes in a can, similar to paint... i think probably used about 1/4 of an inch layer of bondo to cover the helmet? </p>
<p>Awesome Instructable, man. I am in the process of making a Red Hood costume myself, and almost have everything in order, just need to get a few things and do the helmet. I was going to do the pep method, but seeing yours, it looks a lot easier, a lot more user friendly, and there is less scaling involved. :P </p><p>I will provide a link in my thread on the RPF so that others may find your wonderful Instructable. </p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>ahh. very very cool. im stoked. the process wasnt too bad. just a little time consuming with the sanding. the pep route is great too, i guess i just wanted to get through the build as quickly and as efficiently as possible, especially since i rarely reuse my costumes. thank you for sharing the link. let me know also if you need anything help with it =)</p>
Fantastic! Not a huge Red Hood fan...then again I sort of wish Batman's world didn't have Robin in it period, lol. HOWEVER, this is nicely done, good work!
lol. I usually like to make costumes that have some type of helmet ( i guess i like that sense of anonymity). I watched the Batman: Red Hood and it was Sooo good. i suggest it if you havent seen it yet. it may change your mind! and i wasnt a fan of dick greyson/ jason todd as robin.. but i came to like him when tim drake changed the costume a bit.

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