How to make a Batman's "Red Hood: Jason Todd" costume

Picture of How to make a Batman's
Easily one of my most favorite Batman Story lines. Jason Todd comes back to life after being killed by the Joker and is PISSED.

*special note: The helmet will be form fitting to your entire head. Caution to those who are claustrophobic


- military boots

-card board

-comic book cardboard, or poster board

-black gloves


-black belt with flat square silver belt buckle

-black pants

-grey fitted track jacket

- black/brown leather motorcycle jacket

-reflective sunglasses

-hair net

-black fabric


- hockey mask

-door hinge

- door hook latch

-fake handguns


-plastic masquerade mask

-black face paint
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Step 1: Clothes + Gloves

Picture of Clothes + Gloves
Put on track jacket, black leather jacket, pants and belt. Tuck the pant legs into the boots.

For the gloves, cut a rectangle piece of cardboard and cover it with your comic book cardboard or poster board and hot glue it to the glove. you can do this also to the boots.

Step 2: Knife and Gun

Picture of Knife and Gun
Check out the explanation to make a knife and sheath (link underneath)  in the previous blog “How to make a snake eyes costume.”

However, use the diagram in pic A and B to get the correct shape of the knife. The sheath for this knife is the same as the one located in the above link.

Spray your handguns silver or black and keep them tucked in the back of your waist. if you want to make gun holders instead, the link is also find in the “how to make a snake eyes costume” (above)
JACRunner1 month ago

quick question, how much bondo did you use for the helmet?

SpicyPandaCreations (author)  JACRunner1 month ago

honestly, i dont know.. i just slathered it on until i was satisfied/ couldnt see any more cardboard. Bondo comes in a can, similar to paint... i think probably used about 1/4 of an inch layer of bondo to cover the helmet?

rasendori043 months ago

Awesome Instructable, man. I am in the process of making a Red Hood costume myself, and almost have everything in order, just need to get a few things and do the helmet. I was going to do the pep method, but seeing yours, it looks a lot easier, a lot more user friendly, and there is less scaling involved. :P

I will provide a link in my thread on the RPF so that others may find your wonderful Instructable.


SpicyPandaCreations (author)  rasendori043 months ago

ahh. very very cool. im stoked. the process wasnt too bad. just a little time consuming with the sanding. the pep route is great too, i guess i just wanted to get through the build as quickly and as efficiently as possible, especially since i rarely reuse my costumes. thank you for sharing the link. let me know also if you need anything help with it =)

poofrabbit1 year ago
Fantastic! Not a huge Red Hood fan...then again I sort of wish Batman's world didn't have Robin in it period, lol. HOWEVER, this is nicely done, good work!
lol. I usually like to make costumes that have some type of helmet ( i guess i like that sense of anonymity). I watched the Batman: Red Hood and it was Sooo good. i suggest it if you havent seen it yet. it may change your mind! and i wasnt a fan of dick greyson/ jason todd as robin.. but i came to like him when tim drake changed the costume a bit.