How to Make a Batman's : Jason Todd "Red Hood" Costume





Introduction: How to Make a Batman's : Jason Todd "Red Hood" Costume

Easily one of my most favorite Batman Story lines. Jason Todd comes back to life after being killed by the Joker and is PISSED.

*special note: The helmet will be form fitting to your entire head. Caution to those who are claustrophobic

Since this time, i have made a few adjustments to this build. the new and improved Red hood tutorial can be found here


- military boots

-card board

-comic book cardboard, or poster board

-black gloves


-black belt with flat square silver belt buckle

-black pants

-grey fitted track jacket

- black/brown leather motorcycle jacket

-reflective sunglasses

-hair net

-black fabric


- hockey mask

-door hinge

- door hook latch

-fake handguns


-plastic masquerade mask

-black face paint

Step 1: Clothes + Gloves

Put on track jacket, black leather jacket, pants and belt. Tuck the pant legs into the boots.

For the gloves, cut a rectangle piece of cardboard and cover it with your comic book cardboard or poster board and hot glue it to the glove. you can do this also to the boots.

Step 2: Knife and Gun

Check out the explanation to make a knife and sheath (link underneath) in the previous blog “How to make a snake eyes costume.”

However, use the diagram in pic A and B to get the correct shape of the knife. The sheath for this knife is the same as the one located in the above link.

Spray your handguns silver or black and keep them tucked in the back of your waist. if you want to make gun holders instead, the link is also find in the “how to make a snake eyes costume” (above)

Step 3: Helmet: Part 1

The mask takes the longest time, but worth it if you can handle the pressure. so you first make your traditional crown helmet of cardboard. Link found below in the blog “How to make a Darkseid costume.”

(Image 1)
Once you have your cardboard crown, glue the hockey mask onto the front (pic C). From there, start with putting cardboard on the sides of the helmet. (pic D). If you can do this with one solid piece of cardboard per side, more power to you, if you use several pieces, that is fine too. Make sure you build past your ears, because you will need a reference point to finish the back of the helmet. At this point, you want to carefully cut the mask in half, just past your ear, which will give you a front and back (pic E). lastly, finish the back half with cardboard to cover up the back of your head (pic F). When you put it together, it should completely cover your head.

Step 4: Helmet: Part 2

Next, you want to temporarily put the mask back together so that it looks like one piece before you bondo it. i took a very small amount of hot glue and glued the front and back piece together. From here, i attached the door hinge on the LEFT side of the helmet and the hook latch on the RIGHT side. (pic G)

i put bondo on the entire thing. Remember to do this outside and wear a mask, as this stuff can’t be good for your health.

Step 5:

(Image 1 + Image 2)
Pop your lenses out of the sunglasses and paint black on them so only a silver triangle shows (pic H) Glue them from the inside of the mask. the gap between the lenses and the helmet will give you some breathing room too.

(Image 2 + Image 3)
Lastly, after you paint the mask, drill small air holes within the black line. they aren’t visible in pictures (pic I).

Step 6: Mask : Optional

Mask. If you want, you can make a black mask to wear underneath your red hood helmet when you want a break from it. You can either use latex, or plain old tape to keep it on. use black paint around your eyes to cover up your skin color.


Now take it to Joker.. or to Batman.. the choice is yours!

Once again, i have made adjustments to this build. the more recent version can be found here

Feel free to check out Spicy Panda Creations on facebook for more current art projects.

Links to other costumes within pictures




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    Please call or text me I need help!!! 254-833-3453

    stupid delete this dont put your phone num on the internet

    best way to reach me directly is email.

    how did you make it so perfectly round? if you could, please go in depth on attaching the cardboard and how you glued it all up it'd help a bunch 8D

    I just used sandpaper at varying grits to get it smooth. Keep sanding, then ad more bonds, and repeat til u get the look u want. For attaching the cardboard, glue the mask onto the front of the crown. Then start adding cardboard to the sides and then the back til your whole head is encased. There's no real exact method I used except to just encase my head. The bondo will make it smooth. Think of he cardboard as a skeleton only

    and thanks

    and thanks

    Do you live anywhere near Milwaukee? I am having a few problems with this and I really like how you got yours looking. I understand if you don't want to tell me where exactly but I need some help and am hoping you can help me. Also could you make a youtube video on how to do this. I feel that I'm doing everything wrong.

    hello! so first things first, i used a cheap halloween hockey mask.. like maybe $5 at most? unfortch i don't have video of it being done.. i am in chicago also. maybe a drive isn't needed, but I'm happy to help via Skype. email me at if interested =)

    what paint did you use?