Introduction: How to Make a Beyblade

This instructables will show you how to make a metal beyblade.

You will need:

A detergent lid
A something lid
An old cd
(Obs. I'm using Google translate to write some parts of this)

Step 1: Do the Beyblade

Glue the detergent lid on the old lid.

Step 2: Do the Launcher

Cut a CD like this

Step 3: Play!

Wrap the row on the detergent lid and fit it on the center of the CD. Let the row underneath the cd and strongly pull it. Enjoy!


caleb's tutorials (author)2011-08-10

how do you lanch it

gcadó (author)caleb's tutorials2011-08-26

look the other steps


Just pull the row underneath the CD. The beyblade will come out alone.