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If you've ever seen a cartoon, you know that vagabonds carry bindles. You may not actually know what a bindle is (that little bag-on-a-stick thing) or what it's for (they carry their stuff in it) but you know they carry it. It's become ingrained in our collective consciousness, like detectives carrying magnifying glasses. Well, times are getting tough again, and you never know when you'll need to make one in case you yourself become a career hobo.

Step 1: Making the Bindle Stave

Picture of Making the Bindle Stave
There are two basic components to a bindle: The kerchief and the stave that supports it. For a stave, any long, straight pole will do. A broomhandle would work fine, but I decided to go more hillbilly-chic and cut one myself. I prefer willow saplings, because they're long, straight, light and strong. They don't carry them in most stores, so I sought one out in the local vermin-infested swamp.

the more you know. lol

dsticha10 months ago

The only giant bandana I've found that is suitable for a bindle is the Hobo Hanky. It's as big as the keffiyeh or shemagh but it doesn't make you look like a terrorist. :-)

thehbird1 year ago
Your handkerchief is more of a small blanket :)
dsticha thehbird10 months ago

Hobo's used a kerchief, which is a much bigger version of the bandana. Cowboy's also used them. Nobody really makes a proper sized kerchief anymore except the Hobo Hanky.

willybham1 year ago
My life is complete!!!! Now i can bindle everywhere!! Walking around butler!! At home! At a friends house! Traveling to distant lands!! At camp! At walmart!! I might even take my bindle to school !!!
cuz im all about dat bindle life yo!!!

great instructable and bindle btw :)

hoboman33 years ago
man thank you u saved me just in time for halloween to i can't wait.....
Didelphis5 years ago
Actually, "Bindlestiff" is the term for a hobo who carries a bindle. "Stiff" just refers to him being an average guy. An average guy who carries a Bindle.

It's a Kercheif, and a stick/pole.
Mother Natures Son (author)  Didelphis5 years ago
Huh. Wonder how I got that mixed up. Thanks for the correction.
Die of consumption?    My Grandfather got consumption in his hobo days (although I don't think he died from it)

Again, great Ible
this shouldnt be awesome, i should be appauled some one is doing this from a cartoon, but its damn cool. i love it. almost better than a backpack and i love the odd looks i get from a croud, there like"what the hell is that dude carrying". people even compliment me on it while im traveling! this instructible is awesome!
I tied one of these about a month ago. I used it to carry my twine making equipment, a board, mallet, and yucca leaves (of course), and a knife, which was actually on my belt (I have a Letherman Juice Kf4 multi-tool) Anyway, people gave me weird looks. It wasn't like when a little kid does it and they say "how cute" It was more like "Is that kid crazy? should I call the cops?" It held my stuff well though, thanks for the instuctable.
lobo_pal6 years ago
Actually, hillbilly-chic monthly said that it's all about the swiffer handles.
Mother Natures Son (author)  lobo_pal6 years ago
A passing fad, I say! Hillbilly-Chic Monthly is a rag, all "10 ways to tell if your cousin is cheating on you" or "Lose weight on the possum diet". They have to come up with a bunch of filler because of the publication schedule. For the good stuff, you've gotta go with a bi-annual publication, like Appalachian Living or the Okey Revue.
Everyone knows that possums are a healthy part of a balanced breakfast, how do you make such accusations. Besides, someone else's barbecue sauce on them is a great way to tell if their cheating, but that's mostly with brother and sister. Ewwwww!
Mother Natures Son (author)  lobo_pal6 years ago
Well, perhaps, but even possum is bad for you if you eat too much. The trick is moderation--you have to keep a balanced diet of coon and squirrel, too. Barbecue sauce is good, but I thought the most reliable one is if you see a new tattoo with someone else's name on it--careful, though; it could just be your name misspelled.
Of course, never eat panda bears, you'll be hungry again in an hour. And make sure the road kills dead.
A fedora!!! It's been a wile since I've seen someone under 40 (aside from myself) wearing a fedora.
The utilitarian hat! That wide brim is especially useful for people like me who spend a lot of time outside in the sun and the rain and who are made extremely uncomfortable by eye-contact.
Yah, and they look cool too.
hey, i use rope to keep my pants up during school, guess i'm one step closer to becoming a vagabond...
noahh6 years ago
Whenever I can, I pack my things up in one of these instead of a backpack or whatnot, because they are so much cooler.
Mother Natures Son (author)  noahh6 years ago
Nice. Do you use the same knot I developed? I looked around for the "right" way to do it, but there didn't seem to be any other guides on the subject.
I'm not sure. I just used whatever know held it together.
nickademuss6 years ago
Nice way to kick off a depression, sure you dont want to title it the Obama Stimulus package Bindle? LOL!
That's so cruel... I love it.
Mother Natures Son (author)  nickademuss6 years ago
I've heard it compared to buying a distillery to cure a hangover. Not being an economist, omniscient or a time-traveler (though I'm actively working on 2 and 3), I can't really say whether the stimulus package will work or not. In a perfect system we'd find the golden mean between socialism and Laissez-faire, but our current mean seems to be made of a slightly yellowish turd. "No government intervention unless huge, parasitic corporations prove themselves to be utterly incompetent"? How does that make any sense at all?