How to Make a Birthday Pop Up Card





Introduction: How to Make a Birthday Pop Up Card

You can always go out and buy a birthday card for someone from the grocery store, but have you ever tried making a home made one? And when I say a home made one, I don't mean a peice of construction paper folded in half with a quick picture scribbled on front and "Happy Birthday" written sloppily inside. I mean something you put some effort into. In this instructable, I will show you how to make a very nice little pop up birthday card.

Step 1: Materials

1 sheet of white typing paper
1 sheet of colored card stock
Markers, or something else you can color with
Glue stick

Step 2: Folding the Paper

First you need to fold your sheet of typing paper in half the short way. Try to be as exact as possible. If you get a little off, its okay.

Step 3: Drawing a Half Bird

Draw half of a bird right up against the fold with your pencil. Make sure that at the tip of the wing you stop, skip a little space and then draw the rest of his wing and his tail. This step is a little confusing but the picture helps. Sorry that it is a bit blurry.

Step 4: Cutting

Now starting at the place where the birds beak meets the fold in the paper, cut along the bird shape you just made, up to the place on the wing were you stopped drawing.

Step 5: More Cutting

Next, starting at the place where the tail meets the fold in the paper, cut along the line to the place where you started drawing again.

Step 6: Folding

You need to use your finger and push the bird inside the card. Then, you need to fold the bird in the way opposite of the fold.

Step 7: Color!

Now carefully color the bird.

Step 8: Message

You're almost finished! Go into WordPad and type a sweet but short message, a short poem would be perfect. You should then change the size to 12 or 14 and choose a cute font. Next, print it out, cut it out and glue stick it into the inside of the birds beak.

Step 9: Cardstock

Now put glue all over the outside of the card , fold the cardstock in half and stick colored cardstock on the white bird card. Finally, decorate the front of the cardstock. Finished! When you open and close the card the bird will seem to flap its wings.



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    not really a big fan. .. The first one was a little more difficult than I expected. I am a very satisfied girl who is a good sport and I will be a really positive person. It was a lot easier to do the second time. Tandra loved it so much.

    love this birthday card very good and a lovely surprise for my mum thanks very much

    always use glue stick regular glue makes it sloppy and gross

    1 reply

    Yeah, I learned that the hard way! ;)

    WoW!! That's very impressive! Is that your idea or had you seen it elsewhere?

    1 reply

    I did make it up myself!