Picture of How to make a Blood Shooter
Hey everyone, below are the detailed plans on how to make a bloodshooter for your indie film. Remember that none of these plans are set in stone. Be creative and improvise if necessary. If you figure out a better way to build this rig, send us an [ email] or submit a video.

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Here's the complete video:

If you'd like a step by step instructable, read on:

For the Blood Shooter Rig
1. Small tube of quick set epoxy.
2. A length of 1/2" diameter PVC pipe. (3in should do the trick.)
3. Plastic 1/4-turn release valve, with 1/2" female thread on both sides.
4. PVC adapter from 1/2" slip to 1/2" male thread.
5. Nylon bushing from 1/2" thread to 3/8" thread.
6. Brass bicycle valve adapter from 3/8" thread to...uh..bicycle.
7. 5' length of 3/8" inner diameter (ID) flexible hose.
8. Nylon adapter from 3/8" barbed to 1/2" male thread.
9. Nylon 3/8" barbed elbow joint.
10. Tiny rubber bands (found in the hair accessories isle)
11. Plastic wrap.
12. Empty 2-liter soda bottle.

For the Blood
1. Corn Syrup
2. Water.
3. Red Food coloring
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Step 1: The Air Tank

Picture of The Air Tank
Using some epoxy bond the 1/2 PVC adapter to your PVC pipe then your release valve to the PVC adapter.

Next using a bunch of epoxy bond the other end of your PVC pipe to the end of your empty 2-liter soda bottle. Make sure and use enough epoxy to make this strong and air tight! Also I noticed that different brands of soda have minor differences in the diameter at the top of the bottle. Out of the handful I tried, Pepsi bottles seemed to fit the PVC pipe the most snug.

Congratulations you've just made the heart and soul of your blood shooter! Easy huh?
laxer077 years ago
dude?!? where do i get a brass bicycle adapter?!? ive looked everywhere!!!!!
I'll post what I found for anyone else looking. The bicycle adapter is called a called a "Schrader Valve" and I found one at a local auto parts store. It was made by NAPA and it was a 1/8" adapter instead of a 3/8", but that's fine, I found everything else I needed at Home Depot. The whole thing cost around $30 to make.
me too. someone please answer this guy!!
mboggs453 years ago
Built mine yesterday. Just finished testing it. Works like a charm. Thanks a cool million for sharing the plans!
kanzume5 years ago
Is it possible to get all of the rig stuff under 1 hardware store roof? I tried looking for these parts on the internet and they're all on different sites... plus buying on the internet will cost lots for the shipping.
wiz0floyd6 years ago
Just FYI, you said to mix blood, water and food coloring. I don't think that's what you meant. :D
Grey_Wolfe6 years ago
I play a character in a LARP that actually uses his blood as a weapon. This would be an excellent way to actually be able to weaponize the blood and make it look real, instead of just pretending it is happening. Thanks for this, Eric; awesome once again.
Now I just got to figure out the right amount of vinegar and baking soda to add to the setup to make it bubble but not too much. Maybe with an extra tank so the vinegar is only added while spraying.
You can actually probably make a simple mod to a Sta-bil bottle, it's a fuel stabilizer that has a bottle that can measure in ounces i believe, and use a cap that has a hose link. it's kind of one time use only but if that'll suit ya it's quick and easy.
Thanks, not a bad idea. And much more compact. I have to make it look like acid. That's what I'm trying to work out now. Think alien, but not green. lol
iBurn6 years ago
Gawd bless ya Indy
psychoclown6 years ago
awsome i love gore
Kaiven7 years ago
love ur avatar hahaha
lol cows with guns..its a song
SevereFlame7 years ago
Holy crud. That movie was HILARIOUS! YOU ROCK!
andresm7 years ago
I love ur BFX show!!!its great, keep it up!
xboxteen017 years ago
very cool instructable, if there is a way to increase pic size without loosing clarity i would suggest you try it for this one, but overall a great set of plans
komies7 years ago
Awesome. Very in-depth.