How to Make a Blow Dart for a Modded Nerf Gun

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Introduction: How to Make a Blow Dart for a Modded Nerf Gun

Materials needed
1. q tip
2. needle
3. tape
4. nerf gun
5. have fun



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    can you show how you fit the barrel cuz im having a lot of trouble with it

    You pull the tip off of nerf dart, slip it onto the pin, put the pen in the barrel dart side first, and tape.

    I made an explosive gas powered gun that fired these same exact darts about 3 blocks. I shot a can with one and the needle went straight through, and the q-tip just fragmented!

    This woundt be sharp enough to pop balloons or anything like that, but instead of using a needle, i sed a common toothpick instead.

    I just shoved it in and it fit perfectly..

    For those who are going to use a toothpick, break the toothpick in half, then put the non - sharp part in the q tip.

    This works very good on targets and water bombs I shot one at a water bomb my friend was holding the almost craped hinder I was just luck I didn't hit him but I almost pissed my self laugh. I like this mod but if I just put a pin through the top of a stream line bullet and it work just as good

    glad you like it. My friend actually shot me with one on accident and it doesn't even hurt it doesn't have enough sharpness to pierce the skin. it fells just like a tiny little prick on your skin

    Ok that is ur one. I make my own modified stream line darts 2 work in the nite finder and then I put a sewing needle in the orange cap. These stream line darts I make work upto almost double the standard stream line darts and work in any nerf gun. I am trying to publish this on the site but I am having trouble with doing it with the iPhone (universal nerf darts) I will let u no as soon as I publish it if u would like. Let me know if u get any more good ideas as this one u hav posted was very good. The ones I make r not blow darts though

    cool how far duz it shoot