Step 10: Sanding.

This is a very important step. Some might say this is the most important step. The smoother these picks are, the easier they are going to glide in and out of cylinders. I start with 220 grit paper, and work forward to 1200 grit. This puts an excellent polish on them and makes them superbly smooth.

Now, I'm going to stop you right there. At some point in the sanding, you are going to think to yourself, "I have a dremel! I don't need to do all this sanding by hand!" Hear me now and believe me later, the sanding is tough, but it is necessary. Sure a power tool is going to make it easy, but the chances of destroying all the work you have done so far is just too high. I've done it, learn from my mistakes.

Cut your sandpaper into the size of common playing cards. Then fold them in half. Take your pick and work it back and forth in the fold of the sandpaper, gradually progressing to the finer grit. Soon you will have the perfect polish. You are just going to love it. I am so excited!

Safety reminder: When you are working your picks back and forth in the crook of the paper, you are going to stab yourself. You will do it. Trust me. I stab myself in the thumb at least once for every pair of these i make. Be careful, the only thing between you and tetnis is how hard you jab yourself with the increasingly sharp pick.