How to make a Bogota Rake from bra underwire, or Bragota; a how-to.


Step 3: Cut them down to size.

Picture of Cut them down to size.
BogotaMaking (4).JPG
BogotaMaking (5).JPG
BogotaMaking (6).JPG
BogotaMaking (7).JPG
BogotaMaking (8).JPG
First thing you're going to do, take your cutters and cut a couple pieces. To do this, take a look at your underwire. You need to look for a piece that mirrors another piece. This is easier to do if you are cutting from 2 underwires from the same bra. If you aren't lucky enough to have both, cut a piece about 5 inches long and then lay it on the remaining section. Move it around until it kind of lines up. To be a matched pair, these sections have to sit together, so you want to find 2 sections that are reasonably similar in curvature and length. If that isn't exactly clear, check the photos provided, they may help.
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