Step 4: Giving them the bends.

Next step is to give the pieces of underwire the characteristic bends. These bends are very important to the jiggling method mentioned before. What you need to do here, is lay the pieces so they are together as best you can and then clamp them with vice grips about an inch from one end. Put a bend in them, but don't try to make it too sharp. A rounded bend is okay. Also, this bend doesn't need to be 90 degrees. A bend of 60 or 70 degrees is appropriate here.  The most important part of the bend is to make sure the pieces are held tightly together. This will make them sit with each other.  

Next, grab the pair about an inch and a half from the bend you just put in the picks. It's time for the twist. Grab the fore- end with another pair of pliers and give it a 90 degree twist. *Note* The twist you put in should rotate the interior of the curve in the same direction as the downward bend you put in a moment ago. Check the photo if this is confusing.

Now, study the pictures carefully, yours need to look like mine. Study them and make that happen.