video How to make a Bow - PVC Bow - Quick and Easy
How to make a Bow - PVC Bow - Quick and Easy

In this video, I show you the steps to make yourself a simple bow out of pvc.
You do not need any heat or reshaping of the pvc to do this, just some simple cutting and sawing is needed. 
This bow is a powerful and accurate weapon.
Be careful and make sure you shoot it safely.

You will need:
- PVC - One piece of 1" at 12 inches long
- PVC - One piece of 3/4" at 5 feet long
- PVC - Two pieces of 1/2" at 4 inches long
- a Saw
- Paracord (string)
- rubber mallet (hammer)
- Electrical tape or duct tape
- paper clip
CodyL4 made it!1 month ago
pretty cool. hardest part was lining all the cuts up. would recommend if you're bored for a weekend. cost was under $10 which was also nice.
SpecificLove (author)  CodyL41 month ago
Well done
JoeJ74 months ago

how long does it take to make roughly for a first timer?

SpecificLove (author)  JoeJ74 months ago
If you are good with your hands, less than an hour if you have everything in the video.

Very Cool!

SpecificLove (author)  Spaceman Spiff7 months ago
Thank you
Samman101410 months ago
Thanks, I might try pipe insulation instead of a paperclip
SpecificLove (author)  Samman101410 months ago
Sounds like a plan
Samman101410 months ago
Why do you have to cut the smaller pieces
SpecificLove (author)  Samman101410 months ago
I cut them so they would be easier to slide inside the larger pipe.
I made a bow just like this. They are better than some bows you can buy at cabelas.
SpecificLove (author)  nothintosee1 year ago
Very true and cheaper